14.8v 3000mah Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Pack

- Mar 11, 2018-

14.8v 3000mah Rechargeable Lithium ion Battery Pack

how to choose a proper rechargeable lithium ion battery pack for your device?

please DO NOT take lithium ion battery pack as lead acid battery.

how to use rechargeable lithium ion battery pack with your system is a question.

take 14.8v 3000mah lithium ion battery pack for example, this is a well composed lithium ion battery pack with proper protection parameter inside. 

because 14.8v lithium ion battery has a protection voltage range from 12v to 16.8v. any voltage higher than this 16.8v or low voltage than 12v, will make battery stop of working. that is, if you take 2pcs such 14.8v lithium ion battery pack for your system 30v, so you need a charging voltage about 33.6v, however, this is to much than the highest voltage of 14.8v lithium ion battery pack, so battery will stop working.

Question: Can I remove your protection?

Answer: yes, it is one of the solution.

Question: how to use your battery to serve our 30v system?

Answer: because lithium ion battery is very active. we need BMS protection circuit to make sure battery is working in safe. 30v system can have a BMS protection especially design for 30v.