18650 12v Solar Battery 10kw Solar Panel System

- Oct 20, 2018-

18650 12v Solar Battery 10kw Solar Panel System 

Recently, industry insiders have revealed that the price of lithium iron phosphate materials on the market is close to the cost line of 30,000-40,000 yuan / ton, once again surprising.

what's does this news mean?

we should talk from long long time ago. mansy years ago, solar system takes as new energy has been developed for years. however, at that time, solar system is using lead acid battery as power storage last for many years. and it shows up many disadvantages in real application, like when temperature lower than 0 clesius degree, lead acid battery can not be charged etc.

with the development of lithium ion battery for years, more and more advantage has been show up, for exmaple, 12v solar lithium ion battery capacity will be 1/3 higher than that of lead acid battery. 

According to the Starting Point Research Institute (SPIR), lithium battery output in 2017 was 82 GWh, square battery output was 31 GWh, accounting for 38%; flexible packaged battery 29 GWh, accounting for 35%; cylindrical battery 22 GWh, accounting for 22%. Because of the influence of the battery capacity of new energy vehicles, SPIR predicts that the soft pack battery will be the lightest in weight and the smallest in volume under the same capacity; at the same size, the soft pack battery will have a capacity of 15-20% higher than the square battery, 10-15% higher than the cylindrical battery, and the proportion of soft packs will be larger and larger in the future.

10kw solar system needs at least 800Ah battery storage tank, if use lead acid battery, that would be a huge.