18650 14.8v 8800mAh Lithium Ion Battery Pack Info

- Mar 11, 2018-

18650 14.8v 8800mAh Lithium ion Battery Pack


what's the differnce with 14.8v and 14.4v?

Answer: this is same. because each lithium ion battery cell has a typical voltage from 3.6v to 3.75v. so 14.4v 14.8v 15v norminal voltage is same for lithium ion battery pack.

what's the difference 14.4v 8800mah and 14.4v 4400mah battery pack?

Answer: the difference is capacity, so price is difference, size is same, weight is same.

how is the quality of 18650 14.8v 8800mAh Lithium ion Battery Pack?

Answer: this battery pack is made by Panasonic ICR18650 lithium ion battery. quality is good. we offer warranty 2 years.

Why only 2 years warranty?

Answer: Panasonic give us 1 year warranty, DOD 80% 300 times. we give the same warranty to our customer, that is 1 year. we can offer one more year as assurance as per your system and how you use it.

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