18650 Battery Pack 12v X2 X4 Oem Welcome

- Apr 03, 2017-

In the end of three after the end of the bus ride after the lifting of the storm, began to continue to have a power of three yuan lithium battery enterprises to enter the new energy bus supply system, squeeze the living space of lithium iron battery power companies. 2017 1-2 month released a new energy bus Supply Catalog, lithium iron phosphate batteries, accounting for 53%, lithium manganese dioxide battery accounted for more than 46%, accounting for the proportion of the battery of $1% to $three. Lithium manganese oxide is mainly hybrid models, lower proportion of electricity Among them, in the second installment of the catalog, there has been three yuan battery supply of pure electric bus models, a total of three models. With the release of the latter directory, the number of pure electric buses three yuan will be more and more.