18650 Lithium Battery Knowledge Complete Analysis

- Nov 21, 2016-

The pool has actually solved a lot of problems, improve the efficiency of all kinds of life greatly, and the emergence of lithium battery makes it harder for people to understand more deeply the power, 18650 lithium battery is used for a long time, a lithium battery and the still existing, can see 18650 lithium batteries in many places in the field of shadow.          

Because the battery compared with other batteries, the advantage is obvious, and the safety is also relatively good, have even been used in large equipment, this paper will introduce the 18650 battery knowledge about why the explosion event.          

It is generally believed that the no-load voltage of the lithium battery to 3.0V the following is that the electricity runs out (the specific values need to look at the threshold of the battery protection board, for example, there is low to 2.8V, there are 3.2V). Most of the battery can not be in the no-load voltage below 3.2V, or over discharge will damage the battery (lithium batteries on the market are basically with the use of protective plate, it will lead to excessive discharge protection board does not detect the battery, thus unable to charge the battery).          

4.2V is the highest limit voltage battery, lithium batteries will generally no-load voltage charge to 4.2V that is full of electricity, the battery charging process, the battery voltage in 3.7V gradually increased to 4.2V, rechargeable lithium battery can not be charged to the no-load voltage of more than 4.2V, otherwise it will damage the battery, this is the place. Lithium battery special general, 18650 lithium battery has the following advantages.          

1, a wide range of use          

Notebook computer, portable radios, DVD, instrumentation, audio equipment, aeromodelling, toys, cameras, digital cameras and other electronic equipment.          

2, series          

Can be combined in series or parallel into 18650 lithium battery pack.          

3, small resistance          

The internal resistance of polymer batteries with liquid core is small, the internal resistance of domestic polymer batteries can even do 35m will raise up Xi Yun Fei Di, Institute of soil ", said in his Ying - only from the time the thumb tip source connected type.

4, there is no memory effect          

Before charging the remaining power will not short, easy to use.          

5, high voltage          

18650 voltage of lithium batteries are generally in 3.6V, 3.8V and 4.2V, the 1.2V voltage is much higher than that of nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride battery.

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