18650 Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturing Process

- Nov 10, 2018-

18650 Lithium-ion battery manufacturing process: total processes has three stages, accounting for respectively 35%/30%/35%

The production process of lithium batteries is relatively complex. The main production process mainly covers the stirring coating stage (front stage), the winding and filling stage (middle stage) of core synthesis, and the packaging and testing stage (back stage) of packaging. The value (purchase amount) accounts for about (35-40%): (30-35)%: (30-35)%. )%. According to on-line understanding of coating, the difference mainly comes from different equipment suppliers, import/domestic ratio differences, and so on. The process flow is basically the same, the value of the proportion is deviated, but overall accords with the proportion.

The lithium electrical equipment corresponding to the previous stage of lithium production mainly includes vacuum mixer, coating machine, roll press, etc.

The middle process mainly includes die-cutting machine, winding machine, laminating machine, injection machine, etc. The latter process includes chemical machine, capacitance testing equipment, process warehousing logistics automation, etc.