2016 More Than 50 Lithium Battery Fire Explosion

- Nov 09, 2016-

This year, a total of 50 lithium battery fire occurred, which is the 7 largest in the world from the Samsung Note more than and 30 explosion. More than and 50 lithium battery fire and explosion as we sounded the alarm, lithium battery safety needs to be upgraded, which requires industrial chain enterprises to cooperate and work together to develop innovation, improve the performance of lithium battery technology.          

Let us take a look at what are the major lithium battery related fire events this year:          

1, in November 4th the United States Tesla S Model battery fire          

November 4th morning, in Indianapolis (the capital of the state of Indiana), a S Model in the high speed and the impact of the tree, causing the car caught fire, two passengers died on the car. According to local police confirmed that the fire has nothing to do with the vehicle and the electronic system, the main cause of the high speed impact of the fire accident.          

2, October 24th Samsung S7 edge Galaxy explosion          

On October 24th, a week later, the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge again exposed the explosion. According to foreign media reports, an American user of the Samsung S7 edge Galaxy days before the explosion, the phone has been charged overnight before the explosion with the original charger.          

3, in October, the United States took off in front of the cargo hold luggage on fire in Seattle          

A United Airlines passenger plane took off from the airport in Tacoma, Seattle. One of the baggage workers found a fire in the cargo hold. Fire fighting scene and found that the source of the fire is an electronic cigarette lithium battery. The flight was scheduled to take off from Seattle, to Houston. After receiving the report, the police arrived at the scene to put out the fire, and found that the source of the fire is an electronic cigarette, the battery is connected to the portable charging device.          

4,In October 15th 4, Wuhan Fute electronic factory waste battery container explosion and fire

About 6:30 on October 15th, Wuhan Dongxihu Fu Building Electronic Technology Co. Ltd, suddenly burst into flames, white smoke into the sky. Firefighters rushed to the scene after the alarm, the fire caused no casualties.          

5, October HUAWEI P9 explosion          

The accident occurred in Nanjing, the mobile phone has been "completely" from the time of the photo, I do not know the thought is in the firing at the scene of the Terracotta Army, charging line still firmly connected, but at the bottom of the fuselage and the fuselage has been completely out of the machine, looks like a piece of melted butter.          

6, Samsung Note7 in mainland China has been 20 cases of overheating, burning accident.          

In September 18th for the first time in China market cover music world Note7 explosion news, Baidu appeared on the cover of the world seems to be a music Note7 photo burned. Upload said in the use of cover music world Note7 when suddenly black screen and then exploded.          

Since then, the Samsung Note7 version of the Chinese version of the explosion in china. According to statistics, in mainland China has occurred 20 from overheating, burning accident.          

7, after the new Samsung Note7 in the United States on the smoke spontaneous combustion          

In the morning of October 5th, a replacement of the Samsung Note 7 smart phones in the United States southwest airlines on a passenger plane appeared smoking situation. Southwest Airlines (Southwest Airlines) spokesman to the media, because one of the passengers using Samsung Note7 mobile phone cover music world smoking spontaneous combustion, Southwest Airlines from Kentucky to Maryland flight 994 in Louisville, Baltimore at the entrance of the evacuation. All the passengers and crew were evacuated from the main door, no report of casualties.          

8, October 21st Australian iPhone7 explosion fire  

Sydney Australia reported on October 21st, a man called the apple iPhone7 mobile phone on fire in the car explosion, this is perhaps the first in Australia the apple mobile phone explosion event, Apple Corp has been involved in the investigation.          

9,In September 26th 9, the Fengxian County motor factory fire          

The motor in September 26th around three o'clock in the afternoon Fengxian County Xiguan Industrial Park electric fire, smoke billowing scene. According to netizens speculated that may be due to the removal of paint equipment line fault, there are internal revelations that the fire caused by the internal decoration. After the accident, the orderly evacuation of the factory staff and reported to the fire. The fire has been rushed to the scene, no casualties, the specific cause of the fire remains to be the relevant departments a verification progress!          

10, September 24th Guangxi a lithium battery factory fire and explosion          

23 pm yesterday, Development Co., packaging workshop fire and explosion caused 9 Rui Yi of Guangxi science and Technology Industrial Park, Wuzhou City Star Wang Fu Yu Road, burned a number of lithium battery products, building multiple different extent of the damage, but fortunately the fire caused no casualties.          

11, in September 24th, Shenzhen, the port building, a box of car traffic recording          

Shenzhen Fukuda port building a box of car traffic recorder on fire, the fire was larger, but soon be extinguished. Incident caused no casualties.          

12, in September 15th, Shenzhen City, a bus on fire          

7 September 15th 05 Longhua new industrial road and County Road Interchange, a bus caught fire. Duty police arrived at the scene, the feedback fire has been extinguished by the fire department. Site traffic, traffic police on the road to strengthen the guidance and implementation of view, shunt. According to a preliminary understanding, train car to the bus company in Western Shenzhen 612 road vehicles, one of the passengers died, no other injuries, the cause of the fire is unknown.          

13, September Austria S Model fire          

In September this year in Austria, Cohen Glatt a Tesla Model S owners, driving the vehicle into a highway construction site on the vehicle, then fire, but fortunately the owner was not injured.      

14, August 28th Wuhan a battery factory fire          

Around 1 am, Hubei city of Wuhan province Wuhan Dongxihu Fute Electronic Technology Co. Ltd is a plant fire, a large number of lithium battery plant stored in combustion. The accident no casualties, the cause of the accident is under investigation.          

15, 15 tons of lithium batteries in August 19th triggered a fire          

August 19th at 22:16, Bao Gang police station to meet the people, said the police, Bantian street, South Road, there is a factory fire. After receiving the report, Bao Gang immediately organized police on duty that day and all the fire police rushed to the scene, city and district leaders have rushed to the scene directing fire fighting and evacuation work. The fire site is located in Bantian street gang snow road No. 1065 Nga Industrial Park single tin room Ding Shun Amperex Technology Limited. Site dispatched more than 10 fire engines, the fire was extinguished in August 20, 2016 1, the scene no casualties.          

In August 15th 16, the French Model S 90D in the process of driving the fire accident          

16,In August 15th the French Biarritz, a Model S 90D in the process of driving the fire accident. In the fire, the instrument panel issued a warning car charging problems. At that time a total of three passengers on the bus, but fortunately no casualties.          

17, August 14th Nanjing LG chemical battery factory fire          

5 August 14th 09, Nanjing LG Chemical plant fire new energy battery co.. It is understood that the ignition is lithium battery production equipment. Nanjing fire deployed in Maigaoqiao, stonegateway, service, Dachang (dry car) reinforcements rushed to the scene. At present, the scene of the fire has been extinguished, firefighters are organizing layer by layer investigation.          

18,In August 3rd 18, Shenzhen Baoan nine Wai Hengfeng Industrial City power plant fire 

19:26 on August 3rd, Baoan District Xixiang nine Wai fire Hengfeng Industrial City, large fire. 119 command center dispatched Xixiang, Fuyong, Baoan fire squadron 75 firefighters, 16 fire engines arrived at the scene disposal. The building has 6 floors, 5 floor of an office. 21:10, the scene has been basically put out the fire, the burning material for the mobile power and plastic, no casualties.          

19, July 27th, Longhua, Shenzhen, a battery factory fire          

6:41 on July 27th, Longhua New District East Ring Road Thailand Science and Technology Park plant fire. 119, Longhua deployed by and large waves, Shiyan, Xixiang 5 fire squadron arrived at the scene disposal. The site of fire in a building of 3 buildings (a total of 12 layers), the burning of the battery, the initial stage of the fire spread to the upstairs.          

20, July 25th, Baoan, Shenzhen, a battery factory from the fire          

July 25th early morning hours, in Fuyong, Baoan District Street Industrial Park, a battery factory suddenly burst into flames, the scene filled with smoke, fire departments rushed to the scene, the fire extinguished. It is understood that the fire caused the factory and the upstairs shop was burned, but fortunately did not cause casualties.          

The fire is located in Baoan District Fuyong Fu Wai Road two Ming Sheng Industrial Park on the third floor of a battery factory, from the video provided by witnesses can see that fire is the source and brilliant electronics factory 3 floor battery factory. The cause of the fire is likely to be caused by the battery aging or short circuit spontaneous combustion.          

21, 10 in July, the U.S. and Japan thanks to the battery factory fire explosion          

July 10th 9 hours 3 minutes, Longhua New District River back industrial zone, the United States and the battery factory fire. After the alarm, the 119 immediately dispatch Longhua, Songgang, Fuyong, Xixiang Dalang, 5 fire squadron 14 fire engines dispatched Longhua brigade command group arrived at the scene directing fire fighting and rescue. Building 4 high fire, the fire site on the 4 floor of the electronics factory, smoke is large, there are flammable and explosive materials. 9:20, firefighters in the fire control process, the 4 floor of a sudden local explosion, near the explosion point 2 walls collapsed, 3 firefighters were injured.          

22,In June 23rd 22, Lijia Battery Co. fire 

On June 23rd at 11:56 in the morning, the town of Tangxia Xiangyang Road No. 201 Shigu Lijia Battery Co. fire, burned area of about 200 square meters. After receiving the report, the fire brigade deployed 14 fire engines and 70 soldiers rushed to the scene to rescue. 15:40, the fire was extinguished, causing no casualties. The main burning material for the battery, such enterprises in the production process is very easy to fire and explosion.          

23, May 31st highstar explosion          

At 5:53 on the afternoon of May 31st, located in Jiangsu Nantong Qidong city Nanyuan road 899, Jiangsu highstar power lithium batteries full use state Limited by Share Ltd warehouse explosion accident. The accident resulted in 20 people were injured, including a fireman and a worker died. As of yesterday (June 1st) morning, 18 injured persons vital signs stable.          

Jiangsu Qidong municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department official told reporters that the current highstar explosion has entered a stable period, the cause of the accident is still not found. Now Nantong has been in accordance with the State Administration of work safety and the requirements of the provincial government, the establishment of the accident investigation team, are investigating the cause of the accident, but also to identify accident responsibility.          

24,In April 13th 24, Shenzhen Wuzhoulong hybrid buses on fire          

About 14:40 on April 13th, 107 National Road to entrepreneurship interchange in the auxiliary channel to the direction of Shenzhen Wuzhou dragon, a hybrid electric bus caught fire. It is reported that there are about 12 passengers in the car, after the vehicle is safe evacuation of smoking. 54 minutes or so, the fire was extinguished, no casualties.  

25, March 26th Wuxi battery factory fire fire          

March 26th at 14 PM, 04 PM, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, the fire brigade received 119 command center command: located in Yixing City, the official Lin Town, a brilliant battery factory fire. According to the field investigation and inquiry insiders know the fire is in the factory operation workshop, the workshop is mainly used for packing storage class empty empty barrels, stupid, empty bottles, when the fire has been in violent burning state, and the trend has spread. In addition, it is understood that there may be a person trapped between the train. After that, Guan Lin squadron immediately ordered the laying of a trunk two foam gun to intercept the fire, and tried to attack personnel into the attack to rescue trapped people, but because of large fire fire officers and soldiers can not enter, only to focus on fighting fires.          

26,In March 26th 26, Xiamen Haicang lithium battery factory fire          

22:34 on March 26th, Haicang District new Wai Cheung Road No. 188 building after the fire, the fire brigade deployed 5 squadrons and combat service support brigade 28 fire engines to disposal. It is understood that the site for the framework of the structure of the three floor, the main production battery car lithium battery, ignition layer on the third floor. After the fire to fire in the morning 1 when the fire was under control, no casualties. After preliminary investigation, the fire burned an area of about 320 square meters, the main burning material for battery car lithium batteries and other debris. Cause of the fire, the relevant departments are under investigation.          

27, March 22, the U.S. and Japan thanks to the battery fire

March 22nd morning, the United States and Shenzhen Electronics Co., Ltd. warehouse fire accident occurred. The site of the fire the electric core dump thanks to the electronic A building four layer from the finished wall 11 meters, Kuranishi north wall of 5 meters, the Fire Department of electric core fault reasons of spontaneous combustion caused by piling up, the expected loss of around 20 million.          

28,In March 16th 28, Shenzhen Wuzhoulong hybrid buses on fire again          

The evening of March 16th at about 7:44 in Shenzhen Longhua Avenue by the four seasons spring city bus station, Shenzhen Wuzhou dragon hybrid transit bus fire.          

29, January 16th, Baoan, Shenzhen, a battery factory fire          

January 16th late at night, located in Xixiang, Baoan District street, a battery factory suddenly caught fire, an hour later, the fire was extinguished, the accident did not cause casualties. During the fire, firefighters rescued a trapped man. At present, the cause of the fire is under investigation. Photos from witnesses can be seen, at that time the fire is relatively large, dense smoke from the window of the seven floor of the channeling out, after the explosion of the battery flying around. 9 fire trucks parked on the road to fire water. A man trapped in the 6 floor was rescued by firefighters.          

30, January 4th Tesla S Model Norway charging in the fire          

January 4th reported that, before the day, a Tesla S Model car in Norway charging station charging fire, vehicle damage. Tesla 4, the statement, there is no casualties, the company is a comprehensive investigation, and the results of the survey will be published as soon as possible.

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