2016 Solar Panel Reliability Survey: Over Half Of The Outstanding Products Are Made In China

- Jan 21, 2017-

DNVGL, a third - party research firm in Norway, published a report on the reliability of solar battery panels in May 19th, "PV module reliability scorecard", 2016.          

The survey is to solve the problem of long-term access to solar panels can hardly be publicly available data. 2014 implementation of the first investigation, this time for the second time.          

The scorecard is intended to be a tool for qualitative comparison of the expected reliability and long-term performance of solar battery panels. The results will provide useful information for financial institutions, developers and independent energy operators to invest in solar panels. Including temperature cycle, dynamic mechanical load, high temperature and high humidity, condensation freezing, PID (evoked potential attenuation) (table five).          

According to the investigation of the project, the assessment of 17 to 22 manufacturers of solar panels. Including more than half of the world's ten largest solar panel manufacturers. As the object of investigation, the solar battery panels are all publicly traded products in line with the required safety standards. where to find good quality solar battery panels? for example,