2016APEC Lithium New Energy Summit

- Dec 01, 2016-

December 1st, "2016APEC lithium New Energy Summit and the second session of the starting point of the Golden Tripod award ceremony" in Shenzhen Kai Li in the 3 floor of the hotel's banquet hall held a grand. CEO and leaders of the various segments of the industrial chain of lithium present gathered together to explore the development trend of lithium battery industry, grasp the future direction of new lithium battery industry. Through industry interaction, to promote better cooperation between the lower reaches of the industry chain, for China's lithium battery industry to bring greater breakthroughs and beyond.          

High Yingshih materials science and technology general manager Wang Yulai published "application" ceramic diaphragm in power batteries of the keynote speech at the summit.          

High security of the coating modification and large-scale low-cost design has become the direction of China's membrane technology. Chinese occupy half of the world blueprint in the new energy market in the future may reach 2/3. In addition, China's new energy roadmap for the highest energy density requirements, in 2020 to reach 300wh/kg, in 2020 to achieve a single battery 0.8 yuan /wh or so. As a result, the Chinese power battery needs a good safety performance and low cost of the diaphragm.          

Ceramic layer and good chemical stability of the resin can improve the oxidation and corrosion of the diaphragm. But the electrochemical stability of the copolymer is not enough; the ceramic membrane is generally designed to face the positive direction. At present, the company works through the PVDF coating to form a continuous state of the film structure; the production of through type ceramic doped structure, and through the delay evaporation technology, to ensure that the appropriate pore.       


When talking about the current situation in the diaphragm, Wang Yulai pointed out: the differences in the use of the different specifications and manufacturer of ceramic membrane chemical structure, a short time is difficult to unified standards; mixed use Ceramic+PVDF increasingly clear, but the technology to be a breakthrough, non-woven + ceramic technology may become a new application direction; the higher the ceramic membrane level of safety design needs new technical breakthrough.          

On line processing technology is a very practical significance of the modified direction, it is worth to focus on the exploration of the diaphragm production plant. Cellulose non-woven fabric coating technology will have a strong impact on the future of the diaphragm, but the core of the slurry coating processing technology needs to be resolved. Moreover, the coating modification of PE or low melting point thermoplastic polymers is an attractive direction, and it is valuable that the present materials field has made substantial progress in the preparation of its aqueous micro nano dispersion system.          

Wang Yulai believes that the current traditional ceramic diaphragm is still the mainstream, but still need to seriously explore meet the system design of high security, the future of functional adhesive technology development diode properties of polymer materials will be used in battery management.   

        Wang Yulai, as Solvay PVDF lithium battery materials Chinese region agent, ASHLAND CMC and BINDER agent at the same time, the company aims to become the leading technology service provider China special coating field.

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