2017 Shanghai Lithium Battery Exhibition

- Dec 25, 2016-

2017 China Battery exhibition /2017 China Battery exhibition /2017 Shanghai battery exhibition /2017 Shanghai battery material exhibition /2017 lithium battery exhibition /2017 Shanghai lithium battery Exhibition          

The Ninth China (Shanghai) International Battery Industry Exhibition          

The 9th China (Shanghai) International Industry Battery Fair          

August 2017 23-25 day          

Shanghai New International Expo Center          

Host unit:          

China Battery Industry Association lithium battery application Specialized Committee          

Guangdong Electric Power Industry Association          

Vibration Power Exhibition Group          

Known as one of Asia's three largest battery exhibition, the China (Shanghai) International Battery Industry Exhibition (CNIBF2017) will be held on August 2017 23-25 in Shanghai New International Expo Center, the exhibition content:          

1, the series of new batteries:          

Lithium ion battery, polymer lithium ion battery          

Sodium sulfur battery, lead-acid battery,          

Fuel cell, vanadium battery, super capacitor,          

New power, energy storage battery          

2, each series of new battery materials and spare parts, etc.          

3, each series of new battery production equipment, testing instruments, chargers, etc.          

4, new energy industry base results show          

Around the new energy industry base, investment, industrial incubation, service support, results show, etc.          

5, each series of battery environmental protection equipment, recycling technology


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