2018 International Bicycle Exhibition Fair Is Held Today

- May 06, 2018-

2018 International Bicycle Exhibition Fair is held Today

with the development of new energy, it is applied in more and more fields.

as one of the important vehicals, bicylces is more and more widley using electric to give power to make a drive.

electrical bicycle is a very important invention, it gives high speed to drive in all kinds of road. for workers, it saves time, and more convenient in narrow street or between cars.

therefore, how to make an electrical bicylce? the answer is, you can make an e-bike by yourself with a  lithium ion battery pack. 

firstly, you need a motor. which determines how much power it draws from battery. 

then, you need a lithium ion battery pack to give power to drive e-bike.

so you will get a battery powered/motivated bike.

where to buy e-bike motor?

maybe you can search it on google.

where to buy lithium ion battery pack?

maybe you can ask SNL service man to give you a reference. so please kindly leave your motor information. our engineer will give you a good suggestion.

can i have a good price of your lithium ion battery pack?

yes, we accept small quantity order. MOQ: 1PCS