2020 Electric Car City Charging Problem Will Be Solved

- Oct 04, 2016-

According to the national policy plan, the proportion of new energy vehicles in 2020 will reach 1:1. By then, the electric car charging problem in the whole city will be resolved.          

In 2015, China's electric logistics vehicles showed explosive growth momentum. According to the research data of the Institute of industrial industry (GGII), in 2015 China's output of electric logistics vehicles reached 44 thousand and 900, compared with 2178 in 2014 increased by more than 20 times.          

With the development of the city logistics, and constantly improve the social logistics industry of environmental protection, energy conservation requirements, in the promotion of government subsidies under strong, electric car logistics will rely on the advantages of low cost, environmental protection and clean, as the development of new energy vehicles new growth pole.

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