2020 Global Next Generation Battery Market Will Exceed 345 Billion

- Oct 24, 2016-

According to foreign market research firm Research Taiyou released a new report, the next generation of the global battery market is developing rapidly, in 2014 the market has more than 27 billion U.S. dollars (about 171 billion 800 million yuan). Is expected to 2020, the market value of over $55 billion (about 345 billion yuan), which accounted for the largest electric vehicle.                      

Today, advanced batteries or the next generation of batteries have become quite popular. It is not only lower emissions, but they have a longer life cycle, can be easily integrated into the power grid to form a energy storage system. Such energy storage systems are reducing the cost of electricity and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Next generation batteries are also used in the transportation industry.                      

Current next generation batteries have a lot of different types, and their common point is that they have a high density of energy. The most common types of batteries in the market are lithium batteries and nickel batteries. These batteries have a wide range of applications, covering consumer electronics, mobile phones, electric vehicles, etc..                      

Due to longer periods and operational life, the next generation battery can also be remote monitoring. Although these batteries have many advantages, but the cost of the next generation of batteries still need to be further reduced.

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