22.2V 23000mAh lithium polymer battery for unmanned aerial vehicle

- Nov 21, 2016-

22.2V 23000mAh lithium polymer battery for unmanned aerial vehicle  Product Details


Key Specifications/Special Features:

Key specifications/special features:
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Model: 22.2V  23000mAh
Finished resistance: ≤15.0MΩ
Rated capacity: 23000mAh
Charging temperature range: 10-45℃
Nominal voltage: 3.7V
Discharging temperature range: -10℃--50℃
Dimensions: 210mm×95mm×70mm

1. Long cycle life: more than 500 cycles
2. Quality assurance and price concessions
3. High voltage and energy density
4. Low self-discharge
5. Environment-friendly
6. No memory effect
7. High safety
8. Can use any object shape

22.2V 23000mAh lithium polymer battery for unmanned aerial vehicle

Typical capacity2300mAhDischarge: 1.0CmA
Minimum capacity21500mAh 
Rate19500mAhDischarge: 200A
Nominal Voltage22.20VDischarge: 0.2CmA (4400mA)
AC Impedance Resistance≤15.0mΩ≤15.0mΩ
Discharge Cut-off Voltage18.0V 
Charge Voltage25.20V 
Max. Charge Voltage25.30V 
Charge TimeApprox 2.0hCharge: 1.0CmA
Standard charge current4400mA0.2CmA
 Max. Charge Current22000mA1.0CmA
Operating Temperature10 - +45℃Charge
Operating Temperature -10 - +50℃Discharge
Storage Temperature-10 - 35℃Recommended storage temperature: 20℃
DimensionsLength: 210.0mm max
Width: 95.0mm max
Thickness: 70.0mm max
Product weightApprox  2750g 
Mechanical Performance     
ItemMeasuring Procedure  Requirements
Vibration testAfter standard charge, the battery is to be tested as following conditions:
Amplitude: 0.19mm
Frequency: 10-55Hz (sweep: 1Hz/min)
Direction: X/Y/Z axis for 30min. The battery is to be tested in three mutually perpendicular to each axis.
No fire, no explosion, no smoking.
Drop TestDrop the battery in the shipment condition (full- charge) from 1m height onto 18-20 mm or thicker concrete with p-tile on it 1 times each of obverse and inverse directions at 25±2℃No fire, no explosion, no smoking
Constant Humidity and Temperature CharacteristicsUnder the temperature of 20±5℃, after charging the battery with 0.2C, then put the battery into the constant temperature and humidity oven with 55±2℃ and 90-95% for 48h, the battery should be no obvious deformation, leakage, rust, smoking and explosion. After testing take out the battery then rest for 2h under the temperature of 20±5℃, discharge with 1C to 3.0V.discharge capacity ≥60% C5
Short-Circuit TestAfter standard charge, the battery is to be short-circuited by connecting the positive and negative terminals of the battery with copper wire having a maximum resistance load of 0.1Ω.No explosion, no fire. The temperature of the exterior cell casing shall not exceed 160℃.
Heating TestA battery is to be heated in a gravity convection or circulating air oven. The temperature of the oven is to be raised at a rate of 5±2℃/min to a temperature of 130±2℃ at which temperature the oven is to remain for 30 minutes before the test is discontinued.No explosion, no fire.
Abnormal Charging TestAfter standard charge, the battery is subjected to a charging current by connecting it to a dc-power supply. The beginning current is 3.0C, which is to be obtained by connecting a resistor of specified size and rating in series with the battery, the voltage of the dc-power supply is 4.6V. The test time is 2.5 hours.No explosion, no fire.
Overdischarge TestThe fully discharged cell is continually discharged for 24h with the(30×n) Ω load at 23±2℃.No explosion, no fire.
High Temperature Characteristics
Within 2h leave the battery in Constant Temperature & Constant Humidity Box which temperature is 55±2℃ after fully charge, discharge at 1C to 3.0V. The discharge time is required ≥51minno deformation and smoking
Low Temperature Characteristics
After fully charge, leave the battery in Constant temperature & constant Humidity box which temperature is -10±2℃ for 16-24h, discharge at 0.2C to 3.0V. The discharge time is required ≥3hno deformation and smoking

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  • 22.2V 23000mAh lithium polymer battery for unmanned aerial vehicle

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