257 Kilometers Per Hour, EP9 Automatically Update The World Record

- Mar 01, 2017-

February 27th evening news, Wei to released a car tonight in Dezhou Austen automatic driving test video, and announced at the Texas Speedway (Circuit of the Americas America) the automatic driving test has created a 257 km per hour speed record, becoming the world's fastest unmanned battery powered vehicle.          

Wei said the car, the test is actually completed in February 23rd. Its purpose in addition to demonstrate the performance of EP9, but also in the validation of the EP9 vehicle electric control architecture and sensor system layout in the case of ultra-high speed can still achieve precise control of the vehicle.          

Wei came to the car in the early days revealed to the Lei Feng network, which will be held in March, southwest of the general assembly to demonstrate the unmanned battery operated version of the EP9, and will be displayed at the conference another representative of the vision vision concept models.          

Recalling the past, in November last year, Wei released in London named NIO EP9's first electric super run. The electric supercar is equipped with 4 sets of high-performance motors and 4 independent transmission, can output 1360 horsepower power, from zero to 200 km acceleration of only about 7.1 seconds.          

In Germany the Nurburgring North track test, EP9 created 7 minutes and 05 seconds, the fastest lap of electric vehicles; and the November 4, 2016 EP9 to 1 points 52 seconds to refresh the French Paul Ricard track the fastest lap of electric vehicle.          

The automatic driving system by a version of EP9, to the development of North American R & D center main car in San jose. According to the North American R & D Center unveiled in October 14, 2016 announced the news, this research center is mainly responsible for the intelligent network. The overall size of the North American R & D team in hundreds of people, many of which Apple autopilot project and Tesla autopilot project executives.          

As it will be announced in March 10th SXSW conference will be the concept of models. Wei Lai automotive senior design director David Hilton said last year, the company will have a SUV launch next year. The car co-founder and vice president Zheng Xiancong introduced to the media, the upcoming SUV will be equipped with a 70 kilowatt hour battery, mileage up to 330 miles (about 531 km), its performance is the subject of battery operated Tesla Model X.