3.7V 200mAh 651730 Li-Poly Battery for RC Helicopter Car Boat

- Nov 12, 2016-

3.7V 200mAh 651730 Li-poly Battery for RC Helicopter Car Boat Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:SNL-3.7V-200MAH

  • Battery type:Li-Polymer Battery

  • Charger Type:Electric Charger

  • Charger Application:RC Done/RC Airplaine/RC Car/RC Boat

  • Nominal Voltage:3.7V

  • Charger Style:Timer Charger

  • Size:30X17X6.5(mm)

  • contact: Doris

  • tel: +86 186 6567 6364

  • email: info(at)sinolibattery.com

  • skype:dorisluo2012

Product Description
To prevent the possibility of the cell from leaking, heating, explosion, please observe the following precautions:

3.7V 200mAh 651730 Li-poly Battery for RC Helicopter Car Boat

Nominal Voltage:
Nominal Capacity:200mAh
Battery type:Li-polymer
Cycle life:more than 300 times
Size:30* 17* 6.5mm
Certifications:CE  UL  ROHS FCC  MSDS  UNS383

1.Don't immerse the battery in water.
2.Don't use and leave the battery near a heat source, such as fire or heater.
3.Don't reverse the positive and negative terminals.
4Don't connect the battery to an electrical outlet directly.
5.Don't discard the battery in fire or heater.
6.Don't connect the positive and negative terminal directly with metal objects.
7.Don't transport and store the cell together with metal objects such as necklaces, hairpins.
8.Don't strike, throw or trample the cell.
9.Don't directly solder the cell.
10.Don't pierce the cell with a nail or other sharp object
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Contact: Doris

Tel: +86 186 6567 6364

Email: info(at)sinolibattery.com

Skype: dorisluo2012

Whatapp: +8618665676364