3.7V 800mAh, Lithium Battery, Li-ion 18650, Cylindrical, Rechargeable

- Dec 19, 2016-

3.7V 800mAh, Lithium Battery, Li-ion 18650, Cylindrical, Rechargeable Basic Info
  • Model NO.: 3.7V 800mAh

  • Usage: Car, Bus, UPS, Electric Power, Electric Bicycle, Boat

  • Discharge Rate: Low Discharge Rate

  • Electrolyte: Lithium Battery

  • Rechargeable: Chargeable

  • Advantage 1: Hight Capacity, Good Quality

  • Productong Lead-Time: 2~10 Days After Deposit

  • Packing Quantity: 50PCS/Box

  • Box Size(mm): See Table Below

  • Specification: CE\RoHS\COC\VOC\SONCAP

  • HS Code: 85078020

  • Type: Lithium-Ion Batteries

  • Nominal Voltage: 3.7V

  • Shape: Cylindrical Battery

  • Installation: Lithium Battery

  • Color: Any Color The Customer Needs

  • Quality Standard: ISO9000, CE, RoHS, MSDS, Soncap, Coc/Voc, IEC Test

  • Advantage 2: Hight Performance, with Low Price

  • Payment: Others

  • Battery Size(mm): See Table Below

  • Origin: Guangdon, China(Mainland)

Product Description

Single cell Capacity, for Digital Product lithium /18650:

Nominal voltage: 3.7V
   800mAH; 1000mAH; 1200mAH; 1400mAH;  
 1600mAH; 1800mAH; 2000mAH; 2200mAH;
 2400mAH; 2600mAH; 3000mAH; 3200mAH;

Product Description

1) Single cell Capacity: 800~3200mAh
2) Dimensions: A) Diameter: 18+/-0.2mm, Height: 65+/-0.5mm
3) Weight (typical): Approx. 48g
4) Nominal voltage: Average 3.7V
5) Cut-off voltage: 3.0V
6) Internal impedance: ≤ 100mm
7) Cycle performance: 90% of initial capacity at 800 cycles
8) Cycle life: > 1000 cycles
9) Charge Current = 0.5C mA
10) Discharge: Current = 0.5C mA
11) Max. Charging current: 1C mA
12) Max. Discharging current <2C mA

1. High energy density
2. High open circuit voltage
3. Stable operating voltage and current
4. Wide operating temperature range, -55&#176;C~+85&#176;C.
5. Long shelf life, more than 10 years for low power equipment
6. Low self-discharge rate (less than 1% at room temperature per year)
7. Stainless steel can and cover
8. Hermetic glass-to-metal full sealed, laser welding, no leak
9. Non-flammable electrolyte
10 .Superior drain capacity

1) Communication equipment: Cordless phones, walkie-talkie
2) Information equipment: Laptop, PDA, portable fax machines, printers
3) Audio-visual equipment: : Digital cameras, camcorders, DVD, VCD, MD, CD drive
4) Lamps: Emergency lights, solar lights\Searchlight, flashlight
5) Electronic toys: Remote control cars, remote control boats, aircraft model
6) Power Tools: An electric drill, planer, electric, electricity approved
7) Other purposes: Electric shaver, massager, electric toothbrush, mobile terminal equipment.

To prevent a possibility ofthe battery from leaking, heating or explosion please observe the following precautions:
1,Do not immerse the battery in water or seawater, and keep the battery in a cool dry surrounding ifit stands by;
2,Not use or leave the battery near a heat source as fire or heater;
3,Use the battery charger specifically for that purpose when recharging;
4,Do not reverse the position and negative terminals;
5,Do not connect the battery to an electrical outlet;
6,Do not discard the battery in fire or a heater;
7,Do not short-circuit the battery by directly connecting the positive and negative terminals with metal objects;
8,Do not transport or store the battery together with metal objects such as hairpins, necklaces, etc;
9,Do not strike, trample or throw the battery.
10,Do not directly solder the battery and pierce the battery with a nail or other sharp objects
11,Do not use or leave the battery at high temperature (for example, at strong direct sunlight or in a vehicle in extremely hot weather). Otherwise, it can overheat or fire or its performance will be degenerate and its service life will be decreased;

This is for your reference, if any other battery you interested in, please let me know, send us inquiry, we will response as soon as possible. Thank you for your support!

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