36V 350 W E-Bike 36V 10ah Li-ion Battery

- Nov 24, 2016-

36V 350 W E-Bike 36V 10ah Li-ion Battery Basic Info
  • Model NO.: 36V

  • Usage: Car, Bus, Electric Power, Lighting

  • Discharge Rate: High Discharge Rate

  • Rechargeable: Chargeable

  • Warranty: 12 Month

  • Ceritification: RoHS, SGS

  • Weight: 1kg

  • OEM/ODM: Welcom

  • Working Voltage: 12V-24V

  • Specification: Rohs

  • HS Code: 87089992

  • Type: Lithium-Ion Batteries

  • Nominal Voltage: 7.2V 20000mAh

  • Shape: Square Battery

  • Brand Name: SNL

  • Cycle Charge Time: >1500times

  • Capacity: 36V 10Ah

  • Cycle Life: 500 Times

  • Built-in 4-Level Controller: 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%

  • Origin: Shenzhen, China

Product Description

Capacity indication
(1)Without load, press & hold the black button to check capacity level:
1. LED: Remaining Capacity <=40%
2. LEDs: Remaining Capacity <=60%
3. LEDs: Remaining Capacity <=80%
4. LEDs: Remaining Capacity <=100%

36V 350 W E-Bike 36V 10ah Li-ion Battery

(2) Output level control
With load, press & hold the black button for 2 seconds to power on:
1. The 1 LED light in blue color means the output power is about 100% output power
2. Press the black button again, the 2 LED light in blue color means the output power is about 75% of full output power
3. Press the black button again, the 3 LED light in blue color means the output power is about 50% of full output power
4. Press the black button again, the LED 4 light in blue color means the output power is about 25% of full output power
5. Press & hold the black button for 2 seconds, the LED is off, and the power output also is off.

36V 350 W E-Bike 36V 10ah Li-ion Battery

(3) Application:
Lithium ion provide long lasting energy for portable equipment and other devices such as:
1. Portable equipment: Laptop, camcorder, PDA, Digital camera, portable DVD etc.
2. Home appliances: Two-way radio, Walkie-talkie, Electric toys, Electric bicycles, Emergency lighting
3. Military equipment: IR telescope
4. Telephone switchboard, electric equipments, power instruments and meters
5. Uninterrupted power source (UPS) for computer, Emergency Application, Medical devices
6. Power transmission and transformer station, switch-control, and accident lighting
7. Fire fighting, safety device, and alarm monitoring
8. Automatic office system
9. Radio communication system
10. Emergency lighting and car/ship starting system
11. Portable electric appliances and mining system
12. Traffic and navigation signal lamp
13. Solar Energy: Solar Street lights, Solar LED Lights

36V 350 W E-Bike 36V 10ah Li-ion Battery

1. High energy density
Potential for yet higher capacities.
2. Relatively low self-discharge
Self-discharge is less than half that of nickel-based batteries.
3. Low Maintenance
No periodic discharge is needed; There is no memory.
&#183; 4. Very low profile
Batteries resembling the profile of a credit card are feasible.
&#183; 5. Flexible form factor
Manufacturers are not bound by standard cell formats. With high volume, any reasonable size can be produced economically.
6. &#183; Lightweight
Gelled electrolytes enable simplified packaging by eliminating the metal shell.
&#183; 7. Improved safety
More resistant to overcharge; Less chance for electrolyte leakage.

36V 350 W E-Bike 36V 10ah Li-ion Battery

Brand    SNL
Model    SNL-36v-10AH
Nominal voltage    36V
Nominal capacity(0.2C5A)    10ah
Standby current &#8804; 15&#956;A
working efficiency &#8805; 99%
LED indicator green-100%   
4-steps power output regulator green--99% Power output   
yellow--75% Power output
orange--50% Power output   
red--25% Power output 
Working voltage    30v-42v
Max output power 15W MAX
Resistance load 5&#937;-200&#937;
Charge voltage    42.5v
Discharge voltage    30v
Cycle life 500times
Internal resistance &#8804; 230 m&#937; 
Size(mm)    oem
Input/output port DC/1.35*35/7.0mm
Weight 1KG
Charge temperature 0 &#176;C~ 45 &#176;C; 32oF ~ 113oF
Discharge temperature -20 &#176;C~ 60 &#176;C; -4oF ~ 149oF
Storage temperature -20 &#176;C~ 45 &#176;C; -4oF ~ 113oF
Color black
Package carton:200mm*300mm*430mm
Long term storage performance 75% storage for storage one year
Package/Gross Weight 80 pieces/ cartons, Outside carton,11Kg
Warranty one year

SNL is a professional lithium battery supplier, which also is an electric bike battery manufacture/factory supplies 

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