3s 2200 Lipo Battery 3 Cell Professional And High Quality Battery Business

- Apr 05, 2017-

It seems that BYD's current market share and growth rate is still leading, but the unprecedented challenge:          

A, in the global scope, power battery technology has shifted to three yuan lithium. The original BYD lithium iron phosphate line defeat in the competition, need to quickly in the three yuan lithium re established on the leading edge.          

B, in 2016, almost all large automobile groups have decided to force pure electric vehicles, including Volkswagen, TOYOTA, FAW, Dongfeng, Mercedes Benz and other giants, but will not cooperate with BYD. In particular, the domestic market, FAW, Dongfeng, SAIC signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Ningde era.          

C, China's power battery market is facing enormous pressure to open, the new energy policy subsidies to withdraw from the policy of Japan and South Korea power battery manufacturers will lose the binding. Panasonic, Samsung SDI, LG chemical will be fully involved in the Chinese market competition.