48V12AH Battery Price Raised Again

- Jul 10, 2018-

Recently, there is an endless stream of information about the rise in battery prices. The increase in price is big!

48V12AH up to 420 yuan

48V20AH reaches 620 yuan

The 4 major reasons for this price rise!

[1] the state has imposed a 4% environmental tax on lead-acid battery manufacturers.

[2] to intensify the crackdown on waste battery recycling affair, resulting in battery enterprises using raw lead as raw materials only.

[3] Due to the shortage of lead recovery market, the supply of raw lead is in short supply and prices are soaring.

[4] according to the development of past years, it has entered the peak season, and electric cars or batteries have improved.

Under the background of rising lead prices and insufficient market supply,

It is imperative that the price of the battery be raised.

It is a matter of top priority to hoard the g oods quickly.

this news raised a hot wave in Chinese battery industry. as many news released before, raw material is rocketing higher year by year. low spead vehicals has great shock since battery comprise the main cost of the whole electrical vehicals. however the whole cost of low spead vehicals is still the cheapest way of convenient traveling. it's still a wonderful way of tool to go for work and play for fun.