5 Billion New Energy Projects

- Nov 15, 2016-

Recently, Huatai Automobile Group with an annual output of 5Gwh lithium batteries and new energy vehicle base construction project in Xining (National) Nanchuan economic and Technological Development Zone Industrial Park construction.          

It is understood that China and Thailand will use the international advanced technology and automated production lines to ensure that the production of high performance, high quality, high security of the height of the battery products. At the same time, the battery factory set up the battery recycling plant, the battery in the production, use and recycling of the entire life cycle can be green and environmental protection.        


As the core components of new energy vehicles, power battery and motor control as power assembly, the same as the traditional car engine technology, is the key to determine the technical gap between the various car enterprises. But the car prices themselves to control power batteries and PACK and other core components of the advantages and disadvantages are also very obvious.          

The advantages are:

1, reduce costs;

2, PACK manufacturing process and car prices are basically similar to the manufacturing process, can be used as part of the vehicle manufacturing. PACK integrated by the car companies to lead, facilitate quality control; 3, to facilitate subsequent car prices on the battery echelon use.          

The disadvantage is:

1, related to the core part of the field of electrochemical and automotive manufacturing gap is too large, R & D investment is too large;

2, the industry chain is too long, the risk is greater.          

"Professional people to do professional things, car prices and power battery enterprises respectively" specialize in "relationship belongs to co-exist rather than competing. The development trend of the future should be, the battery enterprise electric core, car enterprises to PACK self based." Hu Linlin said.

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