7.4V 3600mAh 20c RC Car High Power Li-Po Battery Pack

- Dec 30, 2016-

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:SNL-3600P20/2S

  • Type:Lithium-Polymer Battery Pack

  • Rechargeable:Chargeable

  • Accessories Type:Battery

  • Rated Capacity:>1000MAH

  • Standard Voltage:4.8V~8.4V

Product Description

Battery Name: 7.4V 3600mAh 20C RC car high power Li-Po battery pack
Battery Model: FLP-3600P20/2S
Battery Keywords: High drain Li-Polymer battery pack,RC toy battery pack,R/C car battery pack,Racing car Li-Po battery,remote control Li-Po battery,7.4V RC car battery 
Battery Applications: RC toy,RC models,RC car,racing car,hobby car 
Battery Features:
1. High Middle Point Voltage (MPV),porivide the racing car strongest power supply;

2. The battery pack is matched with a strict voltage, resistance and capacity cells and make sure the pack with excellent quality.

Battery Specifications:

CellLithium ion polymer battery
Norminal voltage7.4V
Norminal capacity3600mAh
Charge methodCC/CV
Charge voltage8.4V±0.05V
Charge currentStandard charge: 0.5C (1800mA)
Fast charge: 1.0C (3060mA)
Max. charge: 3.0C (10800mA)
Charge timeStandard charge: Approx. 3H (Ref.)
Fast charge: Approx. 2H (Ref.)
Max. continuous discharge current20.0C (72A)
Burst discharge current40.0C (144A)
Operating temperatureCharge: 0 ~ 45ºC
Discharge: -20 ~ 60ºC
Storge Temperature -20~60ºC less than 1 month
-20~45ºC less than 3 months
20~20ºC less than 1 year
Dimensions (T*W*L)24.0mm*45.5mm*137mm
WeightAppros. 220.0g

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