7.4v 6600mah Lithium Ion Battery Price Vs 3.7v Under Same Capacity Which One Cheaper

- Mar 03, 2018-

 7.4v 6600mah lithium ion battery price vs 3.7v under same capacity which one cheaper  

At the end of 2017, the cost of raw materials of lithium iron phosphate battery decreased from 453.15 yuan / KWh to 385.41 yuan / KWh at the beginning of the year, which dropped by nearly 15%. The cost of three yuan lithium battery increased from 463.75 yuan / KWh to 545.31 yuan / KWh, up to 17.6%.

In the last two years, the price of three yuan positive material is still high, and the positive material of phosphate iron lithium has a certain decline. In the future, with the requirement of high energy density, the ratio of three yuan batteries will not fall, which means that the price of the positive material will be maintained. positive material takes 30%-40% of battery cell.

three yuan batteries are widely applied in our daily life. a lot of battery powered portable devices, like electrical bicycles, e-scooter, bluetooth earphone, laptop, power bank, cellphone, solar power energy storage system etc. 

in other words, battery is coming to and affect peoples's life more and more. much higher voltage and capacity, much expensive the price you should pay for the high density battery. 

for example, at the same capacity like 7.4v 6600mah lithium ion battery is much expensive then 3.6v 6600mah lithium ion battery. 7.4v is the typical voltage to drive your system in operation. that is not the highest voltage or the lowest voltage. 7.4v is using 2pcs of 3.6v lithium ion battery series connected. so price doubled and now, the situation is price is getting even higher than before when anode material is keeping increasing.

some people like to use 8.4v instead of 7.4v. well, i want to say it's same.