7 Events This Week You Should Track The Lithium Industry (8.29~9.3)

- Sep 07, 2016-

"We want to support the development of new energy vehicles, this is a fact, but should allow any person to enter?" this is the vice president of China Automobile Industry Association Dong Yang on the development of new energy automobile industry torture, this week, Dong Yang disclosed that the Ministry is considering limiting the number of business type electric car manufacturers. A maximum of 10.           


Also this week, Bloomberg News published an article that the number of China electric car startup has more than 200, under investment subsidies, pursuit of temptation, "PPT war" movement has become common practice, but also gave birth to Chinese electric car industry bubble, have reported that within 2 years, they are now in the development of the electric car platform 90% of the enterprises can not be reached.Shenzhen SINOLI Electronic Co. Ltd. is a professional battery manufacturer, producing all kinds of cylindrical lithium polymer batteries, lithium batteries, battery pack, such as 18650 lithium batteries, lithium polymer battery 26650 batteries and a variety of different models; while also providing new energy automotive batteries, solar energy, mature customers can mature design square battery, UAV battery, car emergency start power supply, electric scooter battery, car battery, battery lamps, crooked flashlight batteries, mobile power supply, Bluetooth headset battery, UPS backup power supply batteries, 12 volts rechargeable battery,12v battery 4ah,lifepo4 battery,lifepo4 12v,12v 5 ah battery and so on.



 "If you do not have their own core technology, unable to establish a brand, once the capital burn these enterprises will be a failure." A lot of the industry's consensus is that, with the upgrading of technical standards, the vast majority of entrepreneurial electric car companies will face a reshuffle.           


In fact, the power battery industry Dong Yang torture is also applicable to the upstream, should allow any enterprises to enter the field? The entry should be the government says, is the market alone? In addition, there is a need to think about is that the downstream to shuffle, power battery, on tour materials and equipment industry will be far?           


Look at this week's lithium battery industry event ~.           


Fifth, 1 batch of Power Battery Specification directory 4 big guess           


Starting in June fourth batch of power battery specifications announced the beginning, China's new energy automotive battery industry has never been able to restore the previous calm.           

At the end of August, from the relevant ministries to some of the new energy vehicle prices out of the time deadline -- before July 1st to solve the battery problem, non directory enterprise products have passed nearly 2 months, the "lenient" silence and the upcoming fifth installment of "automobile power battery industry norms conditions" business directory, bring the more speculation and uneasy.           


According to the previous cycle of two months, the fifth batch of catalog is expected to be released in early September, to participate in the enterprise power battery declaration revealed that their work has been in accordance with the requirements of online and offline synchronization of specific reporting deadline, the Ministry also no specific notice, according to past practice, the public directory will be announced at the end of two weeks after the declaration.           


The upcoming fifth batch of catalog, would like the fourth batch of catalog of over 30 companies shortlisted? Whether Korean enterprises as the largest domestic enterprises will enter the challenge list? Standard directory will really become mandatory directory, and the formation of the linkage with the new energy vehicle access system? And whether a withdrawal mechanism these are introduced? As the fifth batch of Power Battery Specification directory focus.           

For this, the high concentration lithium battery industry network to do research on domestic battery companies and car prices, combined with research, fifth batches of power battery specifications made forecasting and analysis.           


Poke this view, "the fifth batch of Power Battery Specification directory 4 big guess"           

2, Chinese lithium battery enterprises overseas bonanza Nuggets           


The layout of domestic battery industry capital raging like a storm at the same time, the number of listed companies began eyeing overseas, hoping to open a new round of "enclosure movement through overseas acquisitions or investment to set up factories in the way".           


This week, Grammy (002340) announcement that the company ECOPRO and South Korea intends to invest 150 billion won (about 890 million yuan) to set up factories of raw materials of lithium battery electrode in South Korea Pohang.           


For the layout, said Grammy dongmi Ouyang Ming ambition high lithium battery, depending on the layout, gelinmei can make full use of international technology and resources, more directly into the Korean market and international market.           


Although the layout is still a lack of substantive content, but the move Grammy already started to release an important signal: adding lithium battery lithium battery under the tide of capital, listed companies and industrial capital seems to have to look not only limited to domestic, but began to look overseas, seeking development platform and market a broader space.           


High lithium battery network preliminary statistics, since the first half of this year, there have been a pilot smart Selen Science & technology, won the combined number of listed companies of science and technology, shanshangufen, Ganfeng lithium, etc. involved in overseas acquisitions or gelinmei factories, according to a different location, the enterprise's strategic objective to have different raw materials, some power discourse, some intend to extend their business, some want to enhance the technical strength, some intends to expand overseas markets.SNL is a professional lithium battery supplier, which also is an electric bike battery manufacture/factory supplies 36v lithium Battery36v battery 48v battery48v lithium ion battery48v 10a and so on.


From the view of South Korea "890 million Grammy factory lithium battery enterprises China Denver overseas" bonanza "           


A major trend is unstoppable, along with the development of industry, enterprise of lithium battery industry chain layout will continue to overweight overseas expansion.SNL company also offers 2s lithium battery 



In South America, and the world, has rich reserves, good quality of lithium resources; in Japan and South Korea, with a lithium battery enterprise technology, management, manufacturing and other mature and leading, there are high-end positioning, can drive companies to quickly enhance customer resources; in Europe, new energy vehicles, storage can broad market space. These will become domestic enterprises overseas layout bonanza. Capital globalization and economic integration in the background, China's lithium battery enterprises overseas road is fully open.if you need 4s battery, SNL offers 14.4v, 14.4v battery, 14.8v battery,14.4v Lithium battery,14.4v battery pack,14.8v li ion battery pack oem welcome.



7, 3 lead-acid battery enterprises in the transformation of lithium battery           


The rapid development of new energy automotive market so that the lithium battery business has become a major bright spot in the first half performance of lead-acid battery enterprises.           

High lithium battery network survey found that, as of now, including the day to power, power, power supply, Nandu Chaowei Shuangdeng group and lion technology, camel shares, San Yang shares and other mainstream companies are in the layout of the lead-acid battery lithium battery business.           


Lead acid battery battery business decline and the outbreak of the power battery market, opened the lead-acid battery enterprise transformation layout of the big screen lithium battery." Institute of High Technology Research Institute of lithium (GGII) pointed out that by virtue of the resources in the brand, channel, plus years of technology accumulation and customer precipitation, lead-acid battery business transformation lithium battery advantages.           

But even with the technology and natural resources, but not all companies are restructuring the road, some enterprises Everything is going smoothly., active, clear strategy, and some slow passive, scattered layout.



Poke this view, lead-acid battery enterprises in the transformation of lithium batteries in the first half of the 7 listed companies in the first half of the lithium battery performance gap significantly           

The performance of the most intuitive response to this comparison, performance report in the first half, including the day to power, Chaowei power, Nandu power supply companies are handing out more good results, the highest increase of lithium battery business reached 300%; and many of the company's lithium battery performance is no significant progress.           

At the same time, it is worth noting that the sub companies listed in the automotive power battery industry norms conditions, the enterprise directory of lead-acid battery business, its lithium battery business income is significantly higher than the non listed companies. It is expected that the second half of its lithium battery business will usher in a new round of growth with the subsidy policy.

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