800 Seconds Full Charged Super Power Bank Or Set Off A Storm Of Industry

- Nov 05, 2016-

In the processor, memory, LCD and other hardware technology advances by leaps and bounds, mobile phones, tablet and other mobile devices, the largest short board, it is precisely the battery. Whether it is the capacity of the battery, power supply, battery life, and security, and can not make a breakthrough in the beginning.          

Similarly, the mobile power is also faced with such a problem. The mobile power supply on the market is almost identical, the homogeneity is very serious.          

I recently got a graphene mobile power "super power treasure", actually found a great breakthrough in the limit, the first in the industry application of graphene technology very forward-looking, can reach 800 seconds charging speed and high safety. The move broke the balance of the market, making it an unprecedented standing in the commanding heights of the mobile power industry.          

May 2015, Jiangsu super power new energy technology development Co., Ltd. based on graphene composite super battery technology, can make the battery charging and discharging speed up to ten times more than the current average battery.          

In the mobile world conference this year, the discovery of graphene, and the 2010 Nobel prize in physics Novo Seaan Love also came to the China and delivered a speech, let the audience have a deeper understanding of graphene in this interdisciplinary technology.          

Today, graphene is becoming the world's hottest areas. As the latest discovery of the most thin, the largest and most conductive thermal conductivity of a new type of nano materials, graphene is known as the king of new materials".          

Graphene has the characteristics of light, thin, almost completely transparent, high strength, good flexibility and so on. It is almost completely transparent, with only 2.3% of the light absorbed. At the same time, it is very sophisticated, even the smallest gas atoms (helium atoms) can not penetrate. These features make it very suitable for use as a raw material for transparent electronic products, such as transparent touch screens, light emitting panels and solar panels.          

Graphene shows the great potential of the world's attention. In recent years, countries around the world are actively layout this is expected to change the future of the field.          

Test part of a total of two links. The first part of the test, it is too fast, only took 13 minutes and 14 seconds (794 seconds) full, and this time, you may just take a nap or watch a few WeChat time.          

In the second part, we at 16:39 p.m. Galaxy S6 Edge+ mobile phone charging, full of measured at 18:20, which is a total of only 1 hours and 40 minutes, the rate has greatly exceeded our expectations, even faster than the original mobile phone charger.          

We need to recognize that the more chaotic market such products, those truly outstanding quality and innovation, is to break the siege, the more worthy of consumers to buy. After all, dealing with "power" are not trivial, if the quality doesn't pass, ranging from bad performance, low efficiency, while there will be security issues.

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