A Flexible Lithium Manganese Battery

- Dec 25, 2016-

Li-MnO2 battery with manganese dioxide after special processing as cathode active material with lithium metal anode active material for high energy density, the open circuit voltage of about 3.3V, the load voltage is 2.8V, the nominal voltage is 3.0V, voltage is 2.0V, the discharge voltage is steady, suitable for high power discharge.          

U.S. Brightvolt company claims to do the thinnest 0.45mm lithium manganese flexible primary battery capacity in 10mAh - 48mAh. It is understood that the company declared the use of self-developed non-toxic, non flammable, non corrosive polymer electrolyte, the anode is also printed lithium metal slurry. Allegedly, the company developed lithium manganese primary battery has accumulated more than one million sales, its target market should be RFID, sensors, chips, etc..


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