A New Generation Of Lithium Batteries And 3C High-end Intelligent Equipment

- Dec 17, 2016-

Accelerate the development of new energy automotive industry, bring opportunities for the development of lithium battery related industries. China automobile industry association data show that in 2016 1-11 months, 427 thousand new energy vehicles production, sales of 402 thousand, an increase of more than the same period last year and 59% and 60.4%. As a new energy vehicle 'heart' power battery, in the development of the whole industry in the most important link." Pilot smart chairman Wang Yanqing said that in recent years, lithium battery enterprises expansion, lithium electric equipment demand in the second half of last year began to erupt. Lead a new generation of lithium battery equipment in a state of short supply, the new plant will lay the foundation to alleviate this situation to a certain extent." In addition, in the face of the 3C mobile smart devices will be tens of trillions of market leading business layout, the new 3C automatic assembling and testing equipment business, provide testing equipment for high-end intelligent mobile phone.          

It is reported that the start of the lithium battery and 3C intelligent equipment base, investment in high tech Zone A88 plots and construction projects, the estimated total investment of 1 billion yuan, the lithium battery production equipment mainly for Matsushita and other world-renowned home power lithium battery manufacturers. 3C automated assembly testing equipment will be apple, HUAWEI and other high-end smartphones tested.          

The same day, the pilot smart also signed a cooperation agreement with the new Quwang Wu Zhuang street. Company plans to use 200 acres of land, investment based on atomic layer deposition technology ALD micro nano device manufacturing projects and cloud computing data center project. The total investment of the project is 2 billion 500 million yuan, and the plan is divided into two phases. Wang Yanqing said, intelligent manufacturing is an important way to industrial transformation and upgrading of Wuxi, the pilot will vigorously promote the production and application of intelligent equipment, accelerate the intelligent plant construction, in order to make a model of intelligent manufacturing industry development in our city.

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