Alluminum Air Battery Development History

- Jan 16, 2017-

In 2015, Alcoa Corp and Phinergy in Israel, can travel 1600 kilometers of the world record in Montreal Villeneuve racing show assembly is 100 kilograms of aluminum air battery car, many media are made of aluminum air battery is a traditional battery seckill "report.          

At present, relates to the aluminum air battery enterprises have three, respectively is the aerospace science and technology, Yunlvgufen and Chinese power.          

Aerospace Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in research and development of high-tech enterprises of aluminum air battery. It is reported that the aerospace science and technology joint research Tianjin University, overcome the aluminum anode passivation and self discharging, midway air electrode catalyst efficiency low price and high core technical problems, and the air electrode waterproof membrane "sweat" leakage and other technical problems, making the core technology with independent intellectual property rights of the battery master. The development of aluminum air battery with high power density, high energy density, long life, no pollution to the environment, safety, low cost, development of aluminum air battery module 100W, 200W, 500W, 1kW, 3kW, 5kW etc. the different power levels, and initially formed the industrial pattern.          

In October 22, 2016, Yunlvgufen and chuangneng joint venture company at Yunnan Huichuang lvneng batteries Co. Ltd., the new company will invest in the construction of 20MW (MW) of aluminum air battery production line, with 200 thousand units / year power production capacity.          

China power and PHINERGY set up a joint venture company, plans in the bus, tourist vehicles, logistics vehicles and sport utility vehicles and other electric vehicles to promote aluminum air battery.          

In addition, Peking University - Taizhou metal fuel cell research center in the research and development of aluminum air battery has been in the forefront of the country, and began to achieve industrial production. The company has partnered with the Geely Automobile Research Institute, and the road test, the Geely panda car so far, the company is the only one you can use aluminum air battery driven electric vehicles and the mileage is far greater than the use of lithium battery company.          

In November 8, 2016, Deyang Dongshen Amperex Technology Limited 1000 aluminum air metal fuel UPS (uninterruptible power supply) formally, these aluminum air battery will be used for the Deyang tower base standby power, diesel generators and original lead-acid batteries. It is the first commercial promotion of aluminum air batteries.       


5, aluminum air battery          

Domestic aluminum air battery research and development in full swing, does it mean that the aluminum air battery can be commercialized immediately? The author believes that the aluminum air battery to achieve commercialization, the difficulty is very large.          

First, the key technology is not a breakthrough, polarization of air electrode and aluminum hydroxide sedimentation problem is an important obstacle in the metal air battery into market, improve the performance of aluminum air battery encountered great bottleneck, is still in the laboratory stage.          

Second, the country does not have the conditions for the commercialization of aluminum air batteries. Now the domestic aluminum air battery business is relatively small, these companies simply can not afford to support the entire industry chain.          

Of course, the advantages of aluminum air battery where both the energy density of the intimidating, or security, has the advantages of environmental protection There is nothing comparable to this, so using a word is "the future is bright, the road is tortuous".  so lithium battery technique is comparative speaking developed better and mature where to buy good lithium ion battery? snl give you an answer,