Aluminum Air Battery Advantage Than Lithium Ion Batteries

- Jan 16, 2017-

Principle of aluminum air battery          

Aluminum air battery chemical reaction with zinc air battery, aluminum air battery with high purity aluminum Al (al 99.99%) as anode and oxygen as cathode, with potassium hydroxide (KOH) or sodium hydroxide (NaOH) aqueous solution as electrolyte. Aluminum takes in oxygen from the air and produces a chemical reaction when the battery is discharged.          

2, aluminum air battery advantages and disadvantages          

Aluminum air battery is mainly reflected in the following aspects:          

The specific energy of aluminum air battery is up to 8100Wh/kg;          

Light weight, the same energy of aluminum air battery is only 12% of the total quality of lead-acid batteries;          

Non toxic hazards, recycling can be recycled;          

The aluminum rich raw materials.          

Aluminum air battery disadvantage is also obvious:          

It is a kind of chemical reaction device which can release electric energy, and can not be recharged repeatedly;          

Although the aluminum air battery contains high specific energy, the specific power is lower;          

The charging and discharging speed is slow, the voltage is delayed, and the self discharge rate is large;          

The need to adopt a thermal management system to prevent overheating of the aluminum air battery.          

The advantages and disadvantages of aluminum air batteries compared with today's lithium-ion batteries are shown in the following table. compared with lithium ion batteries, like , aluminum ar batteries have much higher energy density,