Amazon Mobile Warehouse UAV Delivery

- Jan 01, 2017-

Since 2013, Amazon's desire to use unmanned aircraft delivery is well known. Not long ago, Amazon successfully carried out the first UAV delivery. This week, another hole in the patent documents submitted by the Amazon was circulated, revealing how the e-commerce giant to make UAVs through an air warehouse to achieve large-scale operation. This will be a as sure as a gun, built in Led Zeppelin in the warehouse. Amazon filed a patent application in 2014; in April 2016, the patent has been approved by the U.S. patent and trademark office.          

The program is named airborne fulfillment centers (AFC), air warehouse, you can reserve a certain amount of goods, located in a certain position in the Amazon predicted there will soon be an outbreak of demand. Shaped like a large airship, it will float above a height of about 45000 feet (about 10 thousand and 3 kilometers).          

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with temperature control modes are ideal for transporting food, they can be stored in AFC, sent to carry out accurate and safe delivery or with a call. When the customer orders, unmanned aerial vehicles or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) will fly and send parcels. Amazon says it will require very little electricity, because Drones will glide instead of taking off and landing. "When UAV leaves AFC, it will be able to use little or no power to drop from a high altitude of AFC, except when the UAV is directed to its delivery destination and / or to stabilize UAV when it drops," UAV said."          

Amazon's document reveals several uses of air warehouses. One example cited is the sports event. If there's a championship battle going on, the Amazon AFC over the sky can be filled with snacks and souvenirs. The document also mentions that AFC can fly to the stadium and play audio or display a huge outdoor billboard at various events. Patent shows a complex network system to help air transport.

The patent application in April this year through, but until this week was widely circulated. This is not the first patent granted by Amazon on UAV express. In July, a patent that Amazon high-rise building and structure design, such as lamp or church, as the base of UAV charging. Another patent describes how drones talk to each other about the planned route and communication.

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