American Unmanned War

- Mar 19, 2017-

Waymo (formerly Google)          

When Google (now Alphabet) in 2009 to start driverless car project, did not encounter any competitors.  


Uber to enter the unmanned vehicle industry, in 2015, the car giant from Carnegie Mellon University for a whole line, dug about 40 robotics experts and engineers, including some of the top experts in the field of unmanned.          


Apple is still a mysterious player in the field of driverless cars.          

Tesla hopes to driverless cars to the market, but it uses the method of Waymo is the biggest potential rival. Google hopes to develop fully automatic driving cars, critics believe that this approach takes too long. In order to allow us to enjoy this technology as soon as possible to bring the security environment, Tesla is gradually increasing its existing high-end models of automation.more lithium polymer batteries like: