Analysis Of 18650&21700 Lithium Ion Battery

- Sep 23, 2018-

Analysis of 18650&21700 Lithium ion Battery 

With the application of cylindrical 21700 single cell battery system in Tesla M-3 vehicle, the domestic power battery industry has become popular.

Let us analyze and compare the comprehensive performance of 18650 and 21700 from multi-dimension, from the technical path, product performance, industrialization trend, market potential and so on.

18650-21700 lithium ion battery product iteration - advantage upgrades

Low cost: 

Core manufacturing efficiency improvement cost reduced by 9%; 

High energy density: monomer capacity of the same material system increased by 35%-50%, energy density increased by 5-20%; 

Mature manufacturing capacity: Continuous maturity of 18650 automatic production line production line can be general manufacturing quality consistency high; 

PACK tends to mature: mature PACK design, can be suitable for a variety of applications. The flexible design of spatial structure and the continued use of mature PACK manufacturing capability.

18650-21700 lithium ion battery product iteration-disadvantage digestion: 

PACK manufacturing difficulty reduced: the number of batteries reduced; 

PACK cost: reduce the number of PACK accessories, improve PACK manufacturing efficiency, reduce the cost of PACK by 8%; 

lightweight: reduce the number of PACK accessories, reduce the package weight by 10%; 

management system difficulty: reduce the management system battery tube Quantity difficulty

battery modelParallelVolumn(mm3)Weight(kg)Weight and Energy Ratio (wh/kg)Volumn and Energy Ratio (wh/L)
84Ah battery module18650359878961.9159306.1


21700 battery increased battery capacity which is much necessary for new energy car application, which increased much mileage once charged full.