Application And Development Of Domestic Pure Electric Vehicle

- Dec 29, 2016-

As everyone knows, lithium ion battery has been only 20 years, the real use of lithium ion power battery on the electric vehicle is less than 10 years, the first time in 2007 began to use the Nissan, visible power battery progress very fast.          

But before this, the mainstream view is that, compared to pure electric vehicles with other types of electric vehicles, from the cost point of view, its advantages are mainly embodied in the 100 to 150 km mileage range, but now with the lithium ion battery technology progress, the mileage is doubled, which is in the range of 300 km, there are still advantages in terms of cost.          

From a technical point of view, the unit weight, the volume of stored energy more and more, the cost is getting lower and lower, in order to reflect the level and technology of electric vehicles.          

The good news is that China's battery costs could fall by about 20% a year. Taking into account a large number of electric vehicles is a bus, the battery price will be relatively high.          

In fact, in 2015 China's new energy automobile production and sales in the world accounted for the first, because sales of more than 50% of the world, has aroused strong repercussions in the world, both the government and manufacturers, have felt the challenges from the first force of Chinese. It is worth noting that, in 2016, such as the German Volkswagen and TOYOTA, have adjusted the technical route to accelerate the transformation of pure electric drive.          

However, the strategic goal of pure electric drive is the first to take the lead in the development of various types of new energy vehicles through pure electric drive. For hybrid power technology, the traditional automotive power, automotive companies have more advantages than our country, such as the TOYOTA route is to do hybrid, plug-in hybrid and fuel cell.          

Because of our lead in the development of pure electric drive, drive the development of the battery industry to the forefront of the world, the scale of the battery industry to the world, the overall level of international ranked top three in the industry chain integrity is the first in the world, power battery industry chain in China, especially as the anode and cathode of battery materials in the international market, the share of the first.

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