Application Of Lithium Ion Batteries With Different Shapes

- Dec 02, 2018-

Development Analysis of Lithium Ion Battery Industry from 2017 to 2018 II

Application of Lithium Ion Batteries with Different Shapes

Lithium-ion battery products can be divided into three categories according to their shapes: cylinder, square and soft package. Three kinds of lithium-ion battery products have their own advantages and disadvantages, so how about the market choice?

Statistics show that the global lithium-ion battery market in 2011 has the largest demand for square batteries, accounting for 43.43% of 12.9 GWh, followed by a decline in the proportion and growth rate year by year. In 2012, it was overtaken by cylindrical batteries, ranked second, and in 2014 by soft-pack batteries, ranked last, until 2017, it accounted for 26.81% of 40.3 GWh. Always at the bottom. In 2017, more than 60% of square batteries were used in China's electric vehicle market.

Cylindrical batteries accounted for 40.74% of the total in 2011, followed by 14.9% of the total in 2012, 38.70% of the total in 2012, and more than square batteries ranked the first place until 2017, accounting for between 36% and 42%, and 62.1% of the total in 2017, accounting for 41.65%. In recent years, the market scale of cylindrical batteries has always occupied the first place. Tesla has contributed a lot. Driven by Tesla, a considerable part of China's electric vehicle products adopt cylindrical batteries.

In 2011, 4.7 GWh accounted for 15.82%. In the last place, the proportion increased year by year from 2011 to 2015. In 2014, 23.8 GWh accounted for 32.87%. Over square batteries ranked second until 2017, and 47.3 GWh accounted for 31.54% in 2017.

In terms of growth rate, the highest annual growth rate was soft-packed batteries (50.30%) from 2012 to 2017, followed by cylindrical batteries (31.86%) and square batteries (21.39%). The high growth of soft pack battery market is mainly due to the contribution of overseas electric vehicle market. Overseas electric vehicle market, in addition to Tesla cylinder, BMW and Mitsubishi square, the vast majority of other soft-packed batteries.

Then, what market segments are the three types of lithium-ion battery products mainly used in?

Statistics show that square batteries are mainly used in the electric vehicle market in 2017. Among the total consumption of 40.3 GWh, the electric vehicle market accounts for 27.1 GWh, accounting for 67.25%, and mainly used in China's electric vehicle market; the power market of mobile base station, mobile phone market and electric bicycle market are 4.4 GWh, 2.9 GWh and 2. The consumption of 4.4 GHWh ranked second, third and fourth, accounting for 10.92%, 7.20% and 5.96% respectively.

The use of cylindrical batteries and soft pack batteries is relatively scattered, the first market segment is not so prominent, but also more than 28%. In 2017, the total consumption of 62.1 GWh cylindrical batteries was mainly contributed by mobile power supply (charging treasure), electric vehicle and electric tools. Mobile power supply (charging treasure) market ranked first with 17.5 GWh accounting for 28.18%, electric vehicle market ranked second with 16.6 GWh accounting for 26.73%, electric tool market ranked third with 11.1 GWh accounting for 17.87%. Bit (all lithium-ion batteries used in this market are cylindrical batteries).

In 2017, the total consumption of 47.3 GWh packaged batteries was mainly contributed by mobile phones, electric vehicles, mobile power supply (Charging Pool) and tablet computers. The mobile phone market ranked first with 14.7 GWh accounting for 31.08%, the electric vehicle market ranked second with 10.1 GWh accounting for 21.35%, and the mobile power supply (Charging Pool) market ranked second with 7.6 GWh accounting for 16.07%. Three, tablet Market with 5.0 GWh accounted for 10.57%, ranked fourth, and all use soft-pack batteries.

In the electric vehicle market with the largest lithium-ion battery segment, the total consumption of 53.8 GWh is as high as 50.37% for square batteries and more than half for soft-pack batteries and 30.86% for cylindrical batteries and 18.77% for soft-pack batteries, respectively. In the second market segment of mobile power supply (charging treasure), cylindrical batteries accounted for 69.17% of the total consumption of 25.3 GWh, soft pack batteries accounted for 30.04%, while square batteries accounted for only 0.79%. In the third market segment, soft-pack batteries account for 83.52% of the total consumption of 17.6GWh, all of which are used in smartphone products; square batteries account for the remaining 16.48%, and smartphones and functional phones account for about half of the total consumption; cylindrical batteries are not used in this market.

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