Audi Marriage SAIC Dealer Claims Hundreds Of Billions Of Compensation

- Nov 23, 2016-

Audi and SAIC just signed a cooperation framework agreement, but suffered from the FAW - Volkswagen Audi dealer strong resistance. The two sides will reach the cooperation, FAW - Volkswagen Audi distributor specifically objected and asked Audi to give a clear reply before December 1st, otherwise it will take further measures to resist, including imported cars and domestic cars to stop Audi purchase, even thousands of million yuan compensation.          


SAIC signed a memorandum of understanding with the public          

SAIC Audi, which is a collaboration of some turned out in the eyes of many people. The cooperation framework agreement signed before SAIC Volkswagen has repeatedly take the initiative to find Audi, to express their complaints only with FAW cooperation. So in this context, the two sides have been in contact, and the formation of the initial cooperation intentions.          

In November 14th, SAIC issued a notice in the show, SAIC and Volkswagen Group signed a memorandum of understanding in Germany Wolfsburg, will in the joint venture SAIC Volkswagen introduced the Audi brand manufacturing and sales, and provide the possibility of new energy vehicles, intelligent interconnection of mobile travel services to consumers China.          

The news was announced, China Automobile Association, Audi Dealers Association Committee to the FAW - Volkswagen Audi dealer issued "on the Audi and Volkswagen joint venture may damage the Audi dealer rights Enquiry", to solicit the views of dealers. The afternoon of November 15th, FAW - Volkswagen Audi Dealers Association Committee Secretary General Song Tao will receive this letter of inquiry and stamp dealer documents to the general manager of FAW - Volkswagen Audi Sales Department Ren Siming, let it over to the relevant personnel, and expressly, to organize the negotiation group, interviewed senior German Audi.

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