Australia Household Energy Storage Prospectively Up To 100%

- Mar 20, 2017-

Australia is the home of the highest penetration rate of solar energy systems, household energy storage system is also a good opportunity to reach 100% universal milestone. The market characteristics of such attractions in Australia Newport Tesla (Newport) released a new energy storage system Powerwall 2, the storage capacity is doubled, the volume is reduced by 30%, is expected to be available next month.           Tesla energy products vice president Lyndon Rive said, in order to meet the storage such as Australia to accept a higher degree of the demand of the country, is located in Nevada, Gigafactory has begun production of household and large-scale solar system with energy storage battery.          

For the energy storage system in Australia's acceptance or market share, Rive estimates, in the next 10 years, a roof mounted solar system may have a comprehensive family of storage battery, because users tend to reduce electricity costs and the proper use of solar power supply. On the other hand, Power Grid Corp also understand that distributed energy storage system can bring a lot of help to the operation of the power grid.