Based On The Lithium Lithium Battery Materials Industry Dacaidan Supporting Industries

- Dec 23, 2016-

Located in the northern Qaidam Basin Dachaidan, Mongolian called Ike Qaidam, meaning big Saline Lake, salt Ze, rich in resources and the Saline Lake gold, potassium, lithium, coal and other mineral resources, and water resources are relatively abundant, with the development of resource-based industrial economy favourable conditions.          

In twentieth Century 50s and 60s, once the development in the Qaidam Basin Dachaidan base and Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Economic and administrative center. At the beginning of 60s twentieth Century, and from the shelter half soil ocean production mode started Dachaidan industry, has formed a chemical, coal, automobile, power and mining and other categories, annual output has reached 5000 tons of boric acid. Heyday, work and life of more than 70 thousand people in the qaidam.          

However, with the development of the Qaidam Resources Center gradually move to the west, a large number of enterprises move away from Dachaidan other companies due to resource depletion and forced to dismount production, Dachaidan economic and social development into a "step back" dilemma.          

"High pure lithium chloride products with high added value, widely used in atomic energy industry, metallurgical industry, biology, medicine, batteries, high pure reagents, high pure borate crystal raw material manufacturing and other fields, it is also an important raw material for electrolytic production of lithium metal, manufacturing boron compounds." Li Jianping said that the completion of the project, marking the lithium and boron resources comprehensive development level in the Saline Lake in the chemical industry to a new level, has important significance for the recovery of boron resources in Saline Lake, Qaidam region using lithium, Saline Lake resources in Qinghai province and the whole country, the comprehensive development and utilization, extend the industrial chain and set a good example.          

It is reported that, at present, the Saline Lake built in dachaidam area of about 90 square kilometers, tedding area of about 30 square kilometers, can guarantee an annual output of 30 thousand tons of lithium chloride and 80 thousand to supply 90 thousand tons of boric acid brine. Based on this, in the "13th Five-Year" period, to the comprehensive development of Saline Lake resources as the focus, focus on the industrial development of the short board, a major breakthrough in lithium extraction technology relying on centrifugal extraction, solvent extraction, ion-exchange membrane box method of brine, dachaidam area to build an annual output of 10 thousand tons of high purity lithium chloride lithium products, continue to extend the resource intensive processing industry chain. To vigorously develop the high pure lithium carbonate, lithium metal, lithium fluoride, lithium cobalt oxide, lithium, lithium anode material, electrolyte, separator materials and other leading products, create an important material, lithium lithium salt, lithium alloy material and related supporting industries.

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