Battery 48V System In Auto&Solar Application

- Feb 11, 2019-

Battery 48V System in Auto&Solar Application


We have seen more and more applications system are using 48v battery for power supply, especially in new energy vehical application.

the automobile 48V start-stop system, 48V chassis system, 48V electric turbocharging system, 48V pure electric door, 48V power steering system and 48V air conditioning system (compressor, fan, etc.) have been reported. The 48V lithium battery system seems to set off a revolution in the automobile industry.

Why battery 48v powered system are so popular for car make engineers? 

Because of the increased voltage, 48V system power can support fast start and stop engine. Generally, the heat engine can reach less than 0.5 seconds, which is faster than the speed of "stepping on the clutch pedal - gear - loose clutch" when we start with the general green light. And because of the fast starting speed, there will be no "sudden" before the situation can start several times, for driving comfort is very helpful. When the vehicle is stationary or taxiing, the speed of engine extinguishing will be much faster, reaching 0.4-0.5 seconds, nearly twice as fast as the previous automatic shutdown. At the same time, it can also recover part of the electricity. According to experts, the automobile integrated with 48V lithium battery system can save up to 20% of the fuel.

The Concept of Vehicle-borne 48V System:

The original micro-mixing system was a belt-driven starter motor (BSG) installed on the traditional starting motor (usually 12V) of internal combustion engine. The motor was a Stop-Start integrated motor, which was used to control the start and stop of the engine, thus eliminating idle speed of the engine and reducing fuel consumption and emissions. 48V system is an improvement of 12V micro-mixer automatic start-stop system.

Requirements for Lithium Battery System in Vehicle 48V System:

At present, 48V systems on the market all use lithium batteries, which generally consist of 13 lithium batteries with capacities ranging from 8 to 14 AH. Taking Hitachi's 48V lithium-ion battery pack as an example, BMS system, cores, relays and fuses are integrated into Pack. BMS basic technical requirements of vehicle 48V lithium battery system include monitoring the voltage, current, temperature and charging status of battery pack to ensure the safety and service life of lithium battery. Because 48V system is mainly used for starting and stopping power supply of automobiles, lithium batteries are required to have high discharge rate and good temperature durability, especially good low temperature performance.

Common 48V Lithium Battery System:

The mature 48V lithium battery system is mostly used for electric bicycle, tricycle and communication base station, among which 10AH is the most used for electric bicycle, 20AH is the most used for tricycle, and 10AH is the smallest unit for communication base station. From the system function point of view, the 48V communication base station Pack is close to the vehicle 48V system.

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