Battery Fire

- Nov 16, 2016-

In November 13th 13, Dalang office Shi Ao Industrial Zone second a battery production enterprises Lilai power technology company fire safety supervision office is mainly responsible for the waves rushed to the scene, organize relevant departments to participate in fire fighting and rescue work in the area, the district police and fire departments rushed to the scene to dispose of the accident. 30 minutes left after the fire was extinguished, burned area of about 120 square meters, with no casualties, the cause of the fire to be verified.          

After the accident, Shenzhen Municipal Committee, mayor Comrade Xu Qin in Shenzhen Lilai Power Technology Co. Ltd. of fire accidents involving fire: to direct production and storage and use of multiple battery, please, comrade Zhang Hu Wenhai and fire control, safety supervision, industry and other departments and districts, district organization and special inspection, thorough investigation and security risks, a comprehensive renovation, from the bottom to the top for a level, to prevent the occurrence of major accidents.       

Shenzhen Municipal Committee, deputy mayor of the people's government, deputy party secretary Comrade Zhang Hu instructions: please Longhua District verification no casualties, please work safety supervision bureau, Longhua district to find out the reason, by analogy, to strengthen the similar accident prevention.           Afterwards, the waves safety supervision office responsible person on duty for the fire yesterday convened with the Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Committee, mayor Xu Qin instructions held fire analysis, the deployment of the next step: Dalang administration office will continue to intensify rectification requirements of the battery industry, battery enterprises relates to the Industrial Park immediately carry out self-examination; still in the production of battery enterprises, to suspend business for rectification, strict enforcement of the law, the existence of illegal behavior according to law, the top grid investigation. Check personnel responsibility and requirements of the work is not implemented, the responsibility is not in place.


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