Battery In EV Series Hybrid Parallel Hybrid

- Nov 16, 2016-

Basic meaning of dynamic mixing          

The forward (or backward) of the vehicle is driven by the vehicle dynamics. At present, the driving force of the vehicle is driven by the mechanical force of the vehicle. This mechanical power source is basically two categories: first, the power generated by the car engine; two is the power of the motor. The basic meaning of the dynamic mixing is that the power generated by the vehicle engine and the power of the motor are superimposed.          

From the above analysis, the "hybrid" will not produce a little ambiguity, it does not cause the phenomenon of oil and gas mixture, oil and gas mixture, how to explain, but also explain the embarrassment of not in place. Because life common sense tells people, "oil and electricity can not be mixed", "oil and gas can not be mixed".          

Basic conditions for dynamic mixing          

1) must have two or more than two kinds of power source and power coupling (conversion) device. For example, there should be a car engine and car motor and clutch, etc..          

2) car engine is burning oil or gas burning and power production, this is the thing inside the engine system; similarly, to the vehicle motor for electricity is produced by the vehicle battery or by vehicle engine power, motor system is the internal affairs.          

3) the object of dynamic mixing not only has no direct relation with oil (gas), but also has no direct relation with electric power.

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