Battery Powered Aircraft Crashed On The Way

- Nov 09, 2016-

The original plan in November 3rd from Shiga Hikone port battery aircraft life Guinness world record challenge due to strong wind effect of extension, unfortunately there is no more than 10 kilometers of the record within 6 days of the Biwa Ko flight challenge, crashed in the water in flight about 3.53 km after. Japan hopes to be able to export its "EVOLTA" to the global output of its "" dry battery strength.          

According to Japanese media reports, the plane took off at 6:30 in the morning, the early flight more smoothly, but in 10 minutes after the loss of lift and landed in the water, cause the total personnel injury report not scrapped.          

About 7 meters long, 26 meters wide single propeller aircraft fuselage is composed of 51 students of Tokai University in Japan is responsible for the design and production, the use of carbon fiber reinforced plastics and polystyrene foam and other materials, Panasonic will provide 640 "EVOLTA" batteries as pure power.          

According to the understanding of HEA battery business department under the Panasonic global dominance, its main output object for Tesla, TOYOTA hybrid car, Japan's Matsushita Battery is expected next year the company's global sales will reach $4 billion.          

In Asia only to compete with Panasonic battery phase for South Korea LG chemical, LG chemical battery sales this year is expected to increase sharply over the last year, from $1 billion 100 million in 2016 soared to $3 billion 300 million, LG chemical said it will reach $6 billion 300 million in 2020, which means that might exceed the predetermined target marketing panasonic.          

The global battery is in a period of rapid growth, LG has four factories in Korea, Chinese, the United States and Poland, with the new energy electric cars popular and popular, is expected to strongly global battery demand, there are more than 500 thousand pure electric vehicles is to feed factory.

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