Battery Settlement For Account Suggestion

- Nov 19, 2016-

Earlier insiders pointed out that the new energy vehicles subsidy policy will be officially released in the second half of the year, affected by the new energy vehicles subsidy policy, account of lithium battery industry chain will be in the second half of the year to return to normal.            

However, as of today, the new energy subsidy policy has not been found. Although the day before the automobile association leaders said the adjustment scheme of subsidies for new energy vehicles will be launched at the end of November. But whether the news is true remains to be discussed.            

Lithium battery industry chain of account of the disaster has become increasingly prominent, on the one hand, enterprises can not timely recovery of loans caused by the enterprise funds chain tension, on the other hand also need to continuously expand production to supply to downstream enterprises. What are the countermeasures to deal with it?            

Rely on maternal blood transfusion, ease the pressure of funds. As the saying goes, "backed by a good shade tree". Some lithium enterprises relying on strong capital strength of the parent company, the short term will not be affected by too much. The big wave of vigorous development in lithium battery industry chain, many companies have capital subsidiary, power development subsidiary.            

To increase the cost of credit, focus on quality customers. Ask for a low price and facing determined accounts of the customer, lithium battery business in order to avoid the risk hidden in the account period behind, should be an important focus on quality clients. If only very reluctantly account, elongated cost is not high, which makes the dead, will increase the probability of bad debts, therefore, honest and not owed money, account of short customers should become the focus of the industry chain enterprises for lithium battery.          

In order to deal with the account period of growth, enhance the capital strength of many power battery industry chain enterprises through various channels of financing, particularly through mergers and acquisitions and channels, rely on abundant capital of listed companies to grasp market opportunities, such as strong Swiss fire 5 billion 200 million to acquire a 100% stake in Waterma, win technology 438 million acquisition of Dongguan Fulin precision, Yakang 2 billion 100 million yuan acquisition of a wholly-owned Hunan sublimation Grammy, acquisition of Xing Friends of the metal 35% stake, Del future intends to 2 billion 49 million yuan acquisition of Yi Teng 85.38% stake in the new energy and so on.

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