Beijing-Hyundai M Layout In New Energy Car

- Dec 29, 2016-

The modern automobile group in China's new energy car camp has been the layout of 2 cars, respectively for the modern ninth generation Sonata oil electric hybrid version and KIA K5 plug-in hybrid version. Editor of the new group of modern energy strategy planning found that the modern KIA in China two joint venture company in 2020 to launch a total of 15 new energy vehicles. Among them, Beijing modern planning push 9, Dongfeng Yueda KIA for 6 models.          

The latest strategy of modern Beijing in June 2016 - NEW program. According to the plan, Beijing Hyundai will launch 9 new energy vehicles in 2020, and the future of new energy vehicle sales accounted for more than 10%. At present, Beijing has launched a modern ninth generation Sonata oil electric hybrid version of the model will be launched in 2017, the ninth generation Sonata plug-in hybrid version and IONIQ plug-in hybrid version, in 2018 to launch a hybrid SUV models and IONIQ plug-in hybrid version of the car.          

The ninth generation Sonata plug-in hybrid version of the design will be consistent with the overseas release, the front grille design horizontal banner, and is equipped with the "BLUE-DRIVE" logo on the front fender. In addition, the new car also uses a new style taillights, and Beijing Hyundai and hybrid tail logo also shows the identity of its plug-in hybrid cars. The ninth generation Sonata plug-in hybrid hybrid system composed of a motor version equipped with a 2.0L naturally aspirated engine and 50kW, battery capacity is 9.8kW/h.

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