Beiqi New Energy Vehicles Next Year Target Sales Of 200 Thousand Units Over 4 Times More Than In 2016

- Dec 22, 2016-

The first 11 months of this year, Beiqi New Energy Company cumulative sales of 44 thousand units, an increase of 163.27%. Learned from Beiqi new energy official: 2017 Beiqi new energy plan, 200 thousand new car sales, is four times the 2016 sales target. It is understood that next year, Beiqi new energy will also have new models more than 5 models on the market.


Beiqi new energy currently has EV, EU, EX, ES series of four models. The first 11 months of this year, Beiqi New Energy Company achieved a total sales of 44 thousand vehicles, an increase of 163.27%, completed in 2016 sales target of 88%. EU260 is a global new energy gains in November, single vehicle sales champion.


At the product level, Beiqi new energy in 2017 will also include ARCFOX 1, 5 models listed, to provide product support for the annual sales target of 200 thousand vehicles. ARCFOX - 1 - seater electric car positioning, the use of aluminum body and electric drive technology, will go on sale next year during the Shanghai auto show.


SUV currently in the field of new energy Beiqi only EX200 models, according to the plan, next year, Beiqi new energy will also launch a compact electric SUV EX300L. EX300L appearance and Saab X55 are basically the same, some details have been adjusted. According to its name can be inferred that its mileage is expected to reach 300 km.


In addition, Beiqi new energy EX200 and EU260 will also usher in the upgrade in the next year, the launch of the EX260 and EU300 models respectively. The two car is consistent with the current model in appearance, but life were increased to 260 km and 300 km. It is understood that the fastest EX260 will be officially listed in the first quarter of 2017, and EU300 will be put on the market in the first half of next year.


Is Beiqi new energy high hopes for the "national car" EC180 will be in January next year officially listed, is expected after the price of 50 thousand yuan subsidy. The new car is a four door A00 class pure electric car, this car is equipped with maximum power of 30 kilowatts of motor, matching capacity of the battery pack of 20.3 kwh, can provide the maximum life of 180 km.


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