BMW Watch Battery Technology Or Slowdown In The Pace Of Development Of Electric Vehicles

- Dec 08, 2016-

According to Automotive News website Electrek reported that BMW group, because the battery capacity doubled at least 7 years, subject to the battery technology, electric vehicle development or will experience difficulties, so in recent years, BMW group gradually slowed down the pace of investment in electric vehicles.          

Over the past few years, the BMW group has been the electric car industry leader, other car companies to keep up with the pace of BMW group. But recently, with the rise of a large number of electric car companies, such as Tesla and China's electric car start-up companies, BMW has gradually lost the leadership position of electric vehicles. There are reports that BMW has announced plans for electric vehicles in the "non priority" (burner back).          

As for why BMW group will slow the pace of development of electric vehicles, in a recent interview, BMW group electric vehicle powertrain development department vice president Stephen Juraschek (Stefan Juraschek) to explain to the outside world: BMW forecast of electric vehicles will be subject to the battery technology, industry or will experience a few years of development dilemma.          

At the BMW Munich test base conference, Juraschek told Bloomberg news, BMW predicts that in the next 7 years, the battery capacity is likely to double. At the same time, Juraschek also believes that the production of electric vehicles than gasoline and diesel vehicles are more price competitive, manufacturers must experience the "valley of tears" (Valley of tears, refers to the investment return is low or negative difficult situation).          

"We get the message that people are not going to spend more money on an electric car," said Friedrich Eichenal, BMW's chief financial officer, Eichiner Friedrich. In the next five to six years, I do not see any promotion elements, can significantly improve the sales of electric vehicles in the short term."          

Different from other competitors, BMW did not invest heavily in research and development of battery technology, in contrast, BMW instead rely on suppliers to improve battery technology. In the 2017 paragraph of the BMW I3, the company launched a new battery unit of the Samsung Corp. Samsung's new battery capacity increased from 22 kwh to 33 kwh. Previously, the capacity of 22 kwh battery was after the BMW 2014 model standard.          

Other German car companies, such as Daimler AG and Volkswagen Group, have announced plans and ideas for their own investment batteries. When the automotive field of electric transformation, Daimler and Volkswagen are hoping to enhance their ability to create a battery to maintain competitiveness.          

In terms of investment in battery production, Tesla has been walking in the forefront of all electric vehicle manufacturers. As early as 2013, Tesla announced plans to invest in battery production, the company started in 2015 and the production of battery. And the production of the battery unit can be started at any day.          

Despite the recent development of electric vehicles, BMW is not as optimistic as its competitors, but the recent BMW group still approved the production of new electric vehicles, including X3 SUV and the battery to start the Mini. Moreover, a report pointed out that BMW is the next generation of I3 research, a new generation of I3 is expected to go on sale in 2017, in addition to the updated design, but also improve the mileage of 50%.   

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