British Research And Development Of New Plastic Electrolyte Phone Second Charge Is Expected To Become A Reality

- Dec 13, 2016-

According to British media reported on December 7th, British researchers have developed a new type of plastic electrolyte to replace the existing battery, this new plastic electrolyte capacitance is 1000 times of the super capacitor, or even 10000 times, which makes mobile phone and computer "second charge" is expected to become a reality within two years. Different from the traditional sense of the battery, super capacitor using the electrode and the electrolyte storage energy, charge storage is quite fast. Dr. Howlin Brendan of the University of Surrey, said the world is studying new energy storage technology, this new type of super capacitor is very likely to get exciting progress.          

In spite of this, the low energy density is the main defect, and the energy per kilogram of the super capacitor is rather low. Heathcote Jim, chairman of the super capacitor material Co., Ltd., said that in order to complete the phone charging a few seconds, the weight of the super capacitor requires 20 times the weight of the cell phone battery.          

Taking into account the above problems, researchers have invented a plastic electrolyte to overcome the problem of low storage capacity per kilogram of super capacitors. It took three years to find the storage battery.          

American electric sports car company Tesla founder Musk Elon before the super capacitor as the future of the most potential technology in the field of air transport. The secret material used by the super capacitor is expected to make the electric car in the case of no need to charge eight hours, mileage and fuel vehicles are the same. Super capacitor bus has been used in China, but the mileage is very limited. However, this new type of material can be used for its 46 stations, no need to stop charging two or three stations.          

Heathcote said the prototype of the super capacitor will be tested independently in the spring of next year. If this technology is feasible, it will be able to cut cell phone battery size, and in two years to achieve a few seconds to charge.          

The technology is inspired by the principles of making contact lenses. Dr. Ian Hamerton from University of Bristol of Aerospace Engineering and polymer composite materials professional said, the study opens the high energy density of supercapacitors Road, these polymers can be applied to the conductive material need hard flexible field. We believe that this technology will bring about a change in development.

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