Building A City Green Transport Network From The User Needs To Provide One-stop Solution

- Dec 25, 2016-

With the arrival of new energy vehicles after the era of subsidies, technology development and operational innovation has become the current situation to promote the new energy automotive industry progress of the top priority. On December 21-23, "the development of ideas" era of technological innovation subsidies as the theme of the 2016 session of the third China new energy automotive engineer technology summit and the second session of the operators and car enterprises docking procurement exchange held in Shenzhen Kai Li Zhonghai hotel. The conference is sponsored by the electric vehicle Chinese resource network, new energy automotive engineer technology summit organizing committee, from hundreds of leading OEMs, the core components of enterprises, operators, industry and other areas of elite institutions gathered in Shenzhen to participate in this for the people to build a new energy automotive industry event.          

23 afternoon, the ground iron car rental (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., general manager of operations Huang Xun issued a topic entitled building urban green transport network theme speech.

2005 ~2015 national social logistics increased year by year, of which the national social logistics amounted to 218 trillion and 500 billion yuan in 2015. From the express market size, during 2006~2015, courier business compound growth rate of 40%, business growth of nearly 20 times, and in 2014 for the first time exceeded the United States, the scale continues to maintain the world's first. Therefore, the electric logistics car market just need to be strong          

Logistics industry and new energy vehicles operating point of pain          

1 new energy automotive industry is relatively new, product instability          

New energy vehicles just applied to the market generally limited acceptance of some products, the failure rate is high, is not suitable for business, car maintenance, pile, supporting imperfect, operation will increase the operating costs of enterprises, thus affecting the pure electric car logistics promotion effect.     


2 road problem          

First tier cities generally limit the line of trucks, so these cities last mile distribution, multi use electric tricycle, to the city's public road transport and social security brings great pressure. Pure electric car logistics can enjoy is not limited to the line, but only part of the city, therefore, the popularization and application of the development of the logistics industry and electric car logistics, urgent right conflicts, can not only stay in the level of top-level design.          

3 logistics industry development disorder

Currently huge body mass logistics industry, but the vicious competition obvious, basically a profit between 12 Fen wool package, so it faces disorderly competition. Urban capacity mismatch up to 50%.


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