BYD Battery Factory In US Will Be Established

- Sep 19, 2016-

BYD recently announced that the United States will expand its scale of electric car factory in the next 3 years, the city of Lancaster for the factory is to create more employment opportunities and community welfare.  

The American company BYD chairman Li Ke at the groundbreaking ceremony of the expansion project held the same day said that since 2013 to set up factories in the United States, received strong support from the local government in California and Lancaster BYD on the one hand, on the other hand also add vitality to the local economy, provides hundreds of manufacturing reward superior jobs.



BYD in the Lancaster factory now covers an area of 8000 square meters, hire local staff of more than 300 employees, annual output of electric buses 300 vehicles, mainly used for city public transportation. According to the expansion plan, the next 3 years, BYD will be phased in the factory to expand the area of 37 thousand square meters, expand production capacity to 1000 vehicles a year, expanding the scope of products from electric buses to electric trucks and special vehicles, the number of employees increased to more than 1000 local.          

October 2011, BYD's North American headquarters in Losangeles completed. In May 2013, the company set up the first electric bus factory and power battery factory in Losangeles north of lancaster. Rely on the core technology in the field of battery technology and strong overall assembly capacity, BYD electric bus is currently in the U.S. market almost no competitors.          

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