BYD Large Scale Investment Three Yuan Power Battery

- Nov 19, 2016-

BYD secretaries Li Qian revealed that BYD's future expansion of three Yuan Li battery layout, in 2016, BYD is expected to battery capacity 10GW H, in 2017 added three yuan battery 5-6GW H.          

BYD is the world's second largest and the country's largest power battery manufacturer, has been to adhere to the technical route of lithium iron phosphate battery, is the world's leading technology leader in lithium iron phosphate battery. BYD also began a large-scale layout of three yuan lithium battery, which means that three yuan of battery technology roadmap will dominate in the future. Of course, more technical features of the product portfolio is also conducive to seize market share.          

Three yuan lithium battery and lithium iron phosphate battery compared with a high specific energy advantage, however, low charge discharge cycle times, and stability than the lithium iron phosphate battery, charging speed will be slower. However, with the rapid development of the electric car market, people can be more and more requirements of the increasingly high, cruise mileage has become almost a measure of pure electric car technology level of the most critical indicators.          

Previously, battery technology roadmap to China lithium iron phosphate battery, however, countries in the new energy vehicles subsidy policy began to tilt to the power density and mileage, charge three yuan plus cell number and stability rapidly put. The main China automotive battery manufacturers have started to layout three yuan lithium battery: lithium battery, such as Air China Xuan tech, Ningde times have the layout of the three yuan lithium battery R & D and production.          

In the market of power battery global new energy vehicles, the United States, Europe, Japan and South Korea from the beginning of three yuan of lithium battery as the main technical route, Japan's Matsushita, AESC, LG, SDI, SK chemical Samsung is the leader in this area. The most successful combination of Tesla and Tesla's cooperation.          

At the beginning of this year, Tesla CEO eilon - musk announced with Matsushita in the Nevada desert in 3 billion 700 million pounds investment to build a production capacity of up to 35GW / H battery factory, the factory production is almost equivalent to the current global battery market capacity and, after will be able to meet the 460 thousand Tesla Model S, Model X and Model 3 of the battery when the battery needs, the production cost will be reduced to 30%.          

New energy vehicle competition is the core of the power battery, power battery war is the key to scale and market share. With the scale will have the price competitiveness, and then continue to expand the market share. Global power battery market competition has started.         

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