Can 11.1v 4400mah Lithium Ion Battery Pack Repair?

- Mar 02, 2019-

Can 11.1v 4400mah Lithium ion Battery Pack Repair?


Lithium ion battery pack, is nominated a kind of chemical battery, which has all kinds of possibility in configuration and therefore gives different performance. 

First of all, What is the meaning of 11.1v 4400mah?

Lithium ion Battery Pack label "Voltage 11.1V capacity 4400mAh", means that the rated voltage of the battery or battery group is 11.1V. When it is just full of electricity, the voltage is higher than this value, about 12V. When it is gradually discharged, the voltage will gradually decrease, and about 10V can work normally. Then the voltage will drop sharply, so it will not work. It must be charged quickly. If the charger continues, then when the voltage of the battery drops, it will be charged. The voltage of the battery will not decrease significantly, but it can be used all the time. This is called floating charging. 

The capacity of 4400 mAh indicates that when the discharge current is 440 mA, it can be used for 10 hours. If charged with 440 mA, it will take 10 hours. These are all theoretical values. In fact, the discharge time will be shorter and the charging time will be longer. If the discharge is 4400 mA, the actual discharge lasts less than one hour, that is to say, the discharge current should not be too large, and the smaller discharge current should be 10 or 5 hours. Similarly, charging with such a large current is not conducive to the battery, and 10 hours of current is appropriate. same battery capacity has same design inside? Different chemical composition in battery cell design not only decided battery capacity also electric performance is different also.

Secondly, 11.1v 4400mah Battery Management System (BMS) is same?

BMS is an electronic device for monitoring and managing power batteries. It plays an important role in the safety, durability and power of power batteries. From the working principle, it controls the power supply circuit by collecting and calculating parameters such as current, voltage, temperature and SOC, and reports the key data collected to the vehicle controller. It receives the instructions of the controller and coordinates with other systems on the vehicle. Therefore, it is known as the "brain", "housekeeper" and "nanny" of the power battery system. BMS is not a certain factor, which is only design to protect battery safety performance. BMS is part of battery pack design. an effective protection should be designed make sure every key factor is under control.

take two different 11.1v 4400mah battery pack for an example.

11.1v 4400mah Lithium Ion Battery Pack Rechargeable 12 Volt Li-ion for infusion pump 

  • 1. Battery Model:SNL-11.1v-4400mah

  • 2. Battery type: Lithium ion, li ion, li-ion battery Pack

  • 3. Discharge ability: 1c

  • 4. Rechargeable: rechargeable li ion 11.1v

  • 5. Size: 37*37*135mm or oem

  • 6. Weight: 0.4kg

  • 7. Charge temperature: 0~45℃

  • 8. Discharge temperature: -10℃~55℃

  • 9. Applicated in infusion pump

11.1v 4400mah Li Ion Battery Pack With Protection Circuit Battery Description:


  • 1. Standard voltage: 10.8v

  • 2. Standard capacity: 4400mah

  • 3. Size: 45*67mm(D*H)

  • 4. Discharge ability: 2-3c

  • 5. Plug/connector: JST/bullet/banana etc.

  • 6. Unite port: for both charge and discharge

  • 7. Wire length: 50mm-100mm

  • 8. Application:Communication systems, Fire alarm systems, Transmitter systems, Cash register systems, Medical equipment, ECG, respirator, nostril sucker, monitor, Signal lamp, ultrasonic, breath machine, electrocardiograph etc.

Consequently, it's a very complicated process in design. In a word, it's not easy to judge if all 11.1v 4400mah lithium ion battery pack can simply repair or even re-connection in simple series and parallel.